Feeding me chocolate

Thursday, September 12, 2013
from:  Landshark
to:    Sassy
date:  Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 8:25 AM
subject:  Re: Steamy PG
Yes – creativity … making me sit and smile as I picture you nibbling on … chocolate.  And, for the record, I am always open to following up on lewd suggestions.  And for the additional record, I enjoy lewd suggestions – yours have been very good.
Am starting my day here at Starbucks – sitting outside watching the world go by.  Saying hello to friends and neighbors who would be shocked to know that I’m even mentioning lewd suggestions in an e-mail!  Not much action in terms of couples this morning – just lots of traffic.
I’ve made out my list of ‘to-do’s’ for today – it never seems to get shorter.  Conference calls. What a day – but the weekend is almost here.
Still not sure what the dinner plans are for Boston tonight.  Am waiting to hear back from the folks that are setting it up.  I haven’t gone out for a nice meal in a few weeks now.  Even when I was traveling last week I just grabbed a burger. 
I’ll have to break out my camera later – see about adding another photo to the jigsaw puzzle.  Any suggestions?  
Have a great morning – catch up with you soon!
from:  Sassy
to:    Landshark
date:  Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 12:05 PM
subject:  Re: Steamy PG
Good morning Evan! 
Thank you so much for writing this morning!  I was up and out early to make way for the cleaners.  So I get to go home to a clean place and ticked-off cats. 
I have a to-do list. I can’t do it while I wait to hear back from people… and in the mean time people have dumped 6 other things on me, half of which they could do themselves faster than explaining to me what they want, but “it’s easier to ask you.”  I am too nice.  *sigh But hey, if they want to pay me to Google for them, what the heck?  
We don’t do conference calls.  I suppose they save you a bunch of other travel.  I rather despise the phone, except for the purpose you and I indulge in.  I like that a lot. 
Hmmm… I’ve seen your studly torso and your tempting toes… maybe your handsome hand, sexy shoulders or if you want to up the ante… your backside?  Anything you want to show me is fine.  
Here’s a delicious G-rated SFW photo for you.  🙂  Burdick’s chocolate is the best.  My boss gave me a $50 1 pound box for running a huge conference without any snags (that he saw).

I want you to close your eyes and think about lying next to me in a big bed, naked, feeding me little chocolates with one hand while you tease me with the other.  Then kissing me deep to get the slight hint of cocoa left on my tongue.  

Have a grand time in Boston tonight!  You probably aren’t driving alone, but that won’t stop me from thinking about you calling me when you’re done, me driving up next to your car and inviting you into my car… to talk and um… hold hands. And maybe more.  Ah fantasies!

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