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Sunday, September 8, 2013

[from my private journal]

 A lovely birthday 

I am so lucky to have special people in my life to celebrate my birthday!  They made it a wonderful weekend!  
Philip called first thing to wish me a happy birthday!  I was so relieved!  I spent so much time last year in agony because he forgot my birthday.  A big part of why I ended up on AM a week later.  He even commented on my Facebook wall!  Wow!  That is rare.

This year is different!  He made me feel so special!  That will keep me smiling all day!  Woot!

Hubby and I went to RI for an incredible dinner overlooking Mount Hope Bay at The Boat House in Tiverton.  I indulged in the baked stuffed lobster with bay scallop and shrimp stuffing… so divine!  He tried their special Cowboy Steak in chimmichuri sauce and declared it the best steak he had ever had.  They brought me a little dessert with a candle.  Such a special place!  
I had a whirlwind day with my sister and her family!  We had a bizarre brunch at Brasserie Jo, the very french place near the Pru.  The food was ordinary and expensive, the waiter taciturn and inattentive.  They couldn’t get that we had theater tickets and needed expeditious service.  They were bringing me a free dessert with a candle as we cleared the revolving door leaving. 
We had a lovely time at “The Jungle Book.”  It felt like a cross between “The Lion King” and “Bombay Dreams” with jazz and Indian music, lots of clever animal costumes and the familiar Disney story.  My favorite moment was when my little niece told me not to worry about the scary parts – she would hold my hand!
We dashed out and made our way to the monthly project meeting – arrived right on time! There was dessert there!  Such a treat!  
I came home and put my feet up and ordered sushi delivered for supper! 
I got dozens of wishes on my Facebook wall.  Yay! This is the life! 
Here are my birthday weekend photos – candy at the Sky Beverage Company in Fall River, dinner at the Boat House, brunch at Brasserie Jo and “The Jungle Book!”


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