Naughty and nice

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good morning kid!  I had a 3rd date yesterday!  At a hotel!  Mmmm… so fun! I call him The Lawyer.  So nice!  Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!
8:19am Phil
Good for you! Glad you had fun! Sounds naughty to me! Have a great day Sass!
It was naughty!  And nice.  No kink, just two people being good to each other.  Whee!  Such a luxury to touch and be touched.  Nothing like being with you… just nice.  I’m headed back to work with a smile!
11:58am Phil
That’s awesome! A smile and a touch can do so much!

Wonderful Chinese dinner at Mary Chung’s.  Nothing like a nice hot bowl of suan la chow show!

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