The Lawyer Wants Me

Monday, August 26, 2013
·        4:12 PM
The Lawyer: hey there– how was your weekend??
·        4:13 PM
Sassy: Lovely. You?
·        4:32 PM
The Lawyer: ok– weather was nice— what’s new with you?
 4:42 PM
Sassy: I thought of you. Want to see you again for kissing and naughty talk…
·        4:43 PM
Sassy: Work is hell. Nearly strangled three people today!
·        4:43 PM
Sassy: All the new staff are here for orientation. Whee!
·        4:43 PM
The Lawyer: ooh… I know that feeling…
·        4:44 PM
Sassy: I was dreaming of you sitting in my car… leaning over to kiss me… touch me… mmm
·        4:44 PM
The Lawyer: this is my bad week– have to be out of town tomorrow and Wed, then all day meeting on Thursday
·        4:44 PM
The Lawyer: mmmn… we could get in trouble parking!! 
·        4:44 PM
Sassy: Yeah… very busy for me through Thursday. Arrrgjh!
·        4:45 PM
Sassy: And I just want to run away and see your eyes twinkle
·        4:45 PM
Sassy: and your sexy smile
·        4:45 PM
The Lawyer:  See you in September— !! got to love it– August – the true cruelest month!
·        4:46 PM
The Lawyer: mmmn…. would love to be kissing you now…. enjoying our bodies against each other….
·        4:59 PM
The Lawyer: IM went crazy on me– are you there??
·        4:59 PM
Sassy: That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. 
·        5:00 PM
Sassy: Yeah… Yahoo IM has its moments. 
·        5:05 PM
Sassy: I have to run home…. and collapse. I’d rather collapse on you…
·        5:11 PM
The Lawyer: sorry I missed you— you can collapse on me any time you want!!
  5:14 PM
Sassy: But no pressure… don’t make me a burden. You make me smile whether it’s a quick IM or a long embrace!
·        5:15 PM
The Lawyer: we’ll find the time — soon… let me be very clear… I want you!!

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