The Crazed Lawyer

Thursday, August 22, 2013
·        3:34 PM  Sassy: Hiya!
·        3:35 PM  Sassy: Smooch.
·        3:36 PM  The Lawyer: how are you today???
·        3:37 PM  Sassy: Work is a zoo! I have managed not to strangle anyone. ; )
·        3:38 PM  Sassy: How’re you?
·        3:46 PM  The Lawyer: aaah… crazed…
·        3:46 PM  Sassy: You thrive on that right?
·        3:50 PM  The Lawyer: not right now… miserable…
·        3:50 PM  Sassy: awww…
·        3:50 PM  Sassy: can I help?
·        3:57 PM  The Lawyer: naah… just work thing…
·        3:58 PM  Sassy: If I came down there and closed the door and sat on your desk and unbuttoned your shirt and…
·        4:01 PM  Sassy: my top?
·        4:01 PM  Sassy: I know… bad bad Sassy

  • 4:07 PM

    The Lawyer:
    sorry– have to run… crisis
  • 4:10 PM

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