The Lawyer plans for much more

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
3:03 PM
The Lawyer: thank you for lunch– excited about seeing you again…
·       3:03 PM
Sassy: You’re are most welcome! It was fun.
·       3:04 PM
Sassy: Damn… I did not want to stop!
·       3:04 PM
The Lawyer: me neither… I definitely want more…. much more!
·       3:07 PM
Sassy: Sending you the story we talked about. Be sure to display images… and be alone.  : )  
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer 
[I sent him the full story about a sexy hike in an email but you can read it via this link]
        3:39 PM

The Lawyer: I’m looking right now…

3:41 PM

Sassy: .  : )  
·       3:44 PM
The Lawyer: what a great story… unfortunately, my office computer has a porn screen so I couldn’t click through… but… ever want to go for a hike?   : )   
·       3:45 PM
Sassy: Shouldn’t have to click… other than “show images” at the top
·       3:45 PM
Sassy:  the links are to the photos
·       3:45 PM
Sassy: in case people want to know where they came from
·       3:45 PM
Sassy: I try to give credit where credit is due.   : )  
·       3:46 PM
Sassy: I try to make it so they can be read at work without getting a guy in trouble.    : )  
·       3:46 PM
The Lawyer: there are two nice ones– one of her, and one of both of them… those I did like– plus the view from the hill was pretty good too!
·       3:46 PM
Sassy: Believe it or not, I actually climbed that mountain
·       3:47 PM
The Lawyer: Katahdin?
·       3:47 PM
The Lawyer: I’m impressed!
·       3:47 PM
Sassy: Beech Mountain, in Acadia National Park in Maine
·       3:48 PM
The Lawyer: oh– sorry Katahdin is in Baxter State Park– way north
·       3:48 PM
Sassy: On my honeymoon.   : )  
·       3:48 PM
The Lawyer: aaah… so… did you… ?  ; )
·       3:48 PM
Sassy: nope
·       3:49 PM
Sassy: Do you ever hike?
·       3:49 PM
The Lawyer: well… let’s find as good a view, with less height…and more privacy!!
·       3:49 PM
The Lawyer: some— do you??
·       3:49 PM
Sassy: Not much
·       3:51 PM
The Lawyer: well… we need to find a spot… but indoors first, I suggest!
·       3:51 PM
Sassy: yes
·       3:51 PM
Sassy: You make me smile
·       3:52 PM
Sassy: and um.. drip!
·       4:01 PM
The Lawyer: mmm… I’m afraid to get up from behind my desk this afternoon…. the daydreams!!
·       4:03 PM
Sassy: Hee!
·       4:03 PM
Sassy: You have plans for you and me?
·       4:03 PM
The Lawyer: not to be crass or prying, but might you have a recommendation for a hotel/place? I may be getting ahead of myself here, but forgive my enthusiasm…
·       4:03 PM
Sassy: Yes. I have some ideas
·       4:06 PM
Sassy: Is it tricky for you to pay? If it would be easier, I can deal and we can figure it money later?
·       4:07 PM
The Lawyer: I can pay… might be better to pay you cash if you could put it on a card, but I’ll figure a way.
·       4:07 PM
Sassy: I can easily put it on my card.
·       4:08 PM
Sassy: I’ve had luck at the La Quinta near Assembly Square mall, just off Rte 93 or Rte 28
·       4:09 PM
The Lawyer: that sounds good for me– convenient for you??
·       4:09 PM
Sassy: Or the Holiday Inn in Somerville
·       4:11 PM
Sassy: Easy from Rutherford Ave, or Rte 99
·       4:19 PM
The Lawyer: either sounds doable, as long as you’re ok with them
·       4:19 PM
Sassy: They’re fine. Very close and easy for me
·       4:19 PM
Sassy: and off my beaten path in terms of seeing people I know
·       4:20 PM
Sassy: We do need to be careful in the parking lot, lobby
·       4:21 PM
The Lawyer: certainly ok for me… so the next question will be…. when is good for you? this may be tricky, as next week will be tough for me.
·       4:21 PM
The Lawyer: agreed– we can stage somehow, maybe
·       4:23 PM
Sassy: I can go check in and send you a room number.
·       4:24 PM
The Lawyer: mmmn… and then I’ll come knocking on your chamber door….  ; )
·       4:24 PM
Sassy: If any of this sounds odd or you have better ideas, don’t hesitate to say
·       4:25 PM
Sassy: I’ll bring water and snacks.  : )
·       4:25 PM
Sassy: and my bodacious self.
·       4:26 PM
The Lawyer: your bodacious self is what I truly want!!
·       4:27 PM
The Lawyer: I am, he said somewhat abashedly, quiveringly erect….
·       4:28 PM
Sassy: Yay!
·       4:29 PM
Sassy: I am very very wet
·       4:29 PM
Sassy: And it’s all your fault!
·       4:30 PM
Sassy: Are you thinking… tomorrow? Friday?
·       4:31 PM
Sassy: How long?
 4:34 PM
Sassy: I could probably sneak out of work at say 1:30 or later…
·       4:34 PM
Sassy: Saturday or Sunday could work, if you have any openings
·       4:35 PM
Sassy: Email me… I have to run.
·       4:35 PM
Sassy: Mwah!
·       4:49 PM
The Lawyer: I will!


From: The Lawyer
To: Sassy
Sent: Aug 20, 2013 6:44 PM
Subject: have to run
my schedule is getting complicated–weekends usually are not good– next week am supposed to take a couple of days off to visit relatives… 🙁   
let’s discuss!   don’t want to miss the opportunity!!
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 10:23 PM
Subject: Re: have to run
Tom!  I can’t tell you how great it is to see your name in my inbox!  It’s awesome! 
I want to see you.  Touch your. Taste you.  Hear your moans and sighs!  I can work with your schedule except M-Th next week.  I am eager but patient.  If there’s any way I can it easier, say so. 
Have sweet sexy dreams dear man. 


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