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Friday, August 16, 2013
Happy Friday kid!  
Check out these 19 old photos… Rare photos of some amazing people – Little White Lion

something about the Don Johnson one reminds me of you and a minister’s daughter!

5:29pm Phil
Very cool! Don Johnson in no way reminds me of me but thanks!
The way he is looking at the camera, reminds me a lot of the old photo of you that makes me plotz.
And it reminded me of a time I sat on your lap!
But that was a long time ago.
6:36pm Phil
[photo of his smiling face outside with a cigar in his hand]
Hiya kid.  Man… your smile does things to me!  SEXY BEAST!
6:52pm Phil
Fresh out of the gym
 [photo of him outside, all sweaty and smiling]
11:08pm Phil
[photo of him outside at night with a tumbler of scotch and a cigar in his hand]
Hiya hot stuff… damn you are a fine looking fella!  Living the good life, I see!  Good food, good cigar, good booze… wish I could add the good woman!
Just chillaxing

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