Lobster on me

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Good morning kid!  Another beautiful day! Cleaners, project lunch and lots of juicy work!  Whoo Hoo! Almost Friday! Have a great day!
Have you decided where you’re moving when you retire?
9:15am Phil
Staying here for the time being. My actual end of service date isn’t until next year,  and I can stay till then. Gotta find a job!
9:20am Phil
[photo of his smiling face in the office]
Ah… next year.  That gives you a little more time.  You probably have loads of contacts but if I can help on the job front, don’t hesitate to ask.
Here’s a little slideshow of my photos from Monday’s adventure to RI.  
Safe for work.  
12:52pm Phil
Wow!  Looks awesome!  Great looking food! I’m watching my waistline so most of that would be in my “do not eat” category except maybe the lobster as long as I skip the roll! Gorgeous shots.
How is your weight going? I’ve been losing, so I decided to splurge for one day. The food was especially good this trip!  I did skip the roll!  We shared most things.  Also, I’ve learned that it’s okay not to finish restaurants meals.  My mom trained us to clean our plates but it’s okay not to when someone else determines the serving size and it’s too much!  The other thing was not to order an entree at dinner.  We sampled apps and salads instead. But you should’ve seen the baked stuffed lobster at The Boat House… someone at a table next to us got it and oh man… a thing of beauty!  I am going back for that for sure! 
4:20pm Phil
I would have taken that stuffed lobster! I roll up, I roll down, back on the downward trend again. As long as I have time and a steady workout routine, I do well.  When I get too busy, not so much. I just try to exercise every day and watch what I eat.  Not too hard!

6:44 pm
Dinner at PF Chang’s

Cucumber strawberry lemonade

 Dynamite shrimp, spring rolls, hot & sour soup,
 spicy green beans and roast duck summer rolls 

Hey kid – get yourself to RI and the lobster is on me!
10:00pm Phil
That’s an interesting way to eat lobster 🙂
Ooh you!  Man… that gets my imagination going!  Yum…

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  1. Hey Buddy! Finally had some downtime in the office and thought I’d take a gander at the old blog. Love it! <3

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