FFF Broad Daylight

It’s Flash Fiction Friday!  Time for me to gaze at the sexy photo Advizor54 posted to challenge bloggers to write a pithy post!  Pop over to his blog to see what he and others saw in it.  The prompt and my take are below.  Enjoy! 
Key Phrase: “But we just met”
Word Limit: 300
Forbidden Words: Alley, Knees, Whore
Bonus Words:  Make it in the daytime
Extra Credit:  Tell us the dirtiest place you’ve ever had sex

“Those Cosmic Choos look fantastic on you… they match your dress perfectly!” I whispered to her reverently.  She looked up at me with big sad eyes and smiled wistfully. 
I had noticed her immediately when she came in to the store, wearing the perfect little black dress that hugged her taut thighs… a tall brunette who made every man turn and stare, wondering what those thighs would feel like wrapped around him.  She went straight for the Jimmy Choo rack, and sat on the little bench, trying on the various black shoes, then the tan ones… finally a black suede pair.  She went back to the classic black and sat staring at them for a long time.  She reminded him of a girl he dated in high school.  Or Princess Katherine, who also favors Jimmy Choo.  I couldn’t resist going over and speaking to her.  
“I can’t afford them… just came in to try them on… and torture myself,” she admitted as she stared at the $600 price tag.  
“They’re on sale!” I pointed to the “Summer Clearance – 50% Off!!!!” banner on the wall. 
She sighed and shook her head.  “Still too much,” she whispered, looking away.  Suddenly she looked back and grinned, batting her eyelashes. 
“Could you buy them with your employee discount?” she asked.  I calculated the amount quickly in my head… less than $250.  Hmmm… 
“Why would I do that?” I asked back, trying to figure out what she was up to.  
“I could… um… do something for you,” she giggled and winked!  The cheek!  
“But we just met!” I gasped, then felt stupid.  A gorgeous woman was offering me sexual favors at a very reasonable price!
“Take me somewhere more private?” She coaxed.  “Let me… make you feel good.”  This was an offer I could not refuse.   

4 thoughts on “FFF Broad Daylight

  1. Sillyone says:

    I don’t know if I could do that for a pair of shoes, but I probably could for a book. Priorities, I know.

  2. Advizor54 says:

    As a guy who only spends real money on my running shoes, I know just where she’s coming from. I think a good business deal is a goal for everyone. I like her style of negotiating. 🙂

  3. Beth Nye says:

    I’m with Sillyone. Perhaps for a book. Fun take. 🙂

  4. Bawdy Bloke says:

    When I was a sales assistant, that rarely happened to me! 😉

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