FFF – One More Time

Time for Flash Fiction Friday!  Advizor54 found this picture on the Twitter feed of When Dusk Settles and challenged us to write about it this week!  Check out his blog to see what he and other bloggers wrote about it.  My scribbling is below.

Here’s the prompt:

Key Words: One More Time
Word Limit: 269
Forbidden Words: Professor, Tears, Road
Extra Credit: Take off your shirt as you write
Bonus Words: Send someone a picture of you writing
“Was she beautiful when you first met her, way back then?” I asked my dad.  He smiled wistfully. 
“Yes. Of course.  I’ll never forget how we’d walk in these woods after class, her hurrying me along, taking off bits of clothing to tease me, make me walk faster, knowing I was going to… well… you know… we were going to….” he blushed.  My dad was such a prude!  I’m  married with two kids and he still can’t talk about sex.  
“Was it really okay to go out with a teacher back then?” I asked.  He had told me this story many times but I delighted in hearing it one more time. 
“Well… we had to be careful, but it wasn’t such a big deal back then.  She was the first woman who got tenure in the department.  I picked her class not knowing it was taught by a gorgeous brunette!”  He got that besotted look, as he always did when talking about my  mother.  
“I wish… she was here to walk with us,” I told him.  He smiled.  “What I wouldn’t give to see her in the sunlight.” 
“Sometimes I think I hear her laughing, when we’re out here on a sunny spring afternoon like this.  I turn and I think I see…” 
“I know, Dad,” I patted his arm and tried to think of some other subject to raise. 
“She had the best tits, just like Sophia Loren!” He hooted.  “And she didn’t care who saw them when she was in a mood!”  I blushed a little myself at that!  
“Aww, Dad.  You are such a poet!” 

4 thoughts on “FFF – One More Time

  1. Advizor54 says:

    Ooooh, a ghost story, I never thought about that, this is great. I see out now, how she stands Pitt from the background and the scenery.

    Nice eye.

  2. Sweet, and a little strange to be so forthright with your kids. I really liked the unique take on this

  3. Åsa Winter says:

    This is something I’d have never thought of, but I like it a lot. Love the ‘she had the best tits’ line.


  4. Bawdy Bloke says:

    As we said on Twitter, I’m sure that woman was photoshopped in. Lends itself to a ghost story wonderfully!

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