He wrote back!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
He wrote back first thing in the morning and attached another yummy nude photo!  I sooo want to touch that body!
From: The Body
To: Sassy
Sent: Tuesday 7/9/13 8:02 am 
Re: Connection 
Thanks for the photos! Would love to see more. Are you in the Boston area? I’m in nearby suburb. What is your situation? Do you get time during the day or evenings? My schedule is flexible. I’m not attached but am not looking for a relationship that leads to something serious like marriage or living together. Need  a break from that. 
Your a big girl…:) the kind I like to get behind if you know what I mean? Sure we could meet. I live alone I can host. Can you host as well? Understand if you can’t. Anymore skin pics? πŸ™‚ J
To: The Body
From: Sassy
Sent: Tuesday 7/9/13 3:41 pm 
re: Connection 
Hiya J! 
Another great photo!  What a way to start my day!  Yum. 
You ask good questions! I am in Boston!  I have family in your town so I go there a lot.  
I am married.  We’re good friends except the bedroom.  He isn’t interested. I had breast cancer 3 years ago – fine now – but I want to live life to the fullest!  Hubby knows that in general, so I don’t have to hide my activities.  
I’m an office manager, work 9 – 5 in theory but I can take time off or have “doctors appointments” for daytime meets.  And my evenings and weekends are mostly free.  
Thanks for explaining your situation.  I haven’t met a single guy… worry about different expectations, but your words make sense.  I can’t leave H, just want to find a nice guy to fill in what’s missing.  
You can host?  Wow!  I might be able to sometimes, but it’s trickier. 
Well…behind is good.  Side. Front…under, over, wrapped around?  πŸ™‚ What’s your favorite? 
I don’t have photos on my work computer, so I’ll send you a little sexy story I wrote to give you insights into my mind. 
To be safe, can we meet for coffee or lunch first?  I’ve run into a few very creepy dudes so I need to be careful at the start.  
You sound really fun.  I’m excited! 
I emailed him a copy of β€œThe View” my 4-paragraph erotica.  
From: The Body
8:02 pm Nice……..
9:19 pm He pinged me on Yahoo IM and we talked for about 2 hours!  
We covered the three basic areas – about our lives, sexy stuff and practical details of meeting – wanna have coffee soon, where do you live, where’d you grow up, his young son, my cats, are you shaved, send me more photos, said he’d jack off to my breasts, I told him to call me and let me listen, he suggested 69 – I told him I don’t like 69, would rather concentrate on him!  
He said he had to do some emails for work and signed off as we finalized a plan to meet for coffee tomorrow at 2 pm near my office.  
9:49 pm He sent me another naked photo.  Yum.  What a body! 

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