Sassy Answers: Sexy .gifs

Dear Readers,

It’s time to take a break from Philip and the AM men and write about something really hot – sexy .gifs!  I’m surprised over and over that men don’t know what they are.   Or they dismiss them as “those silly little moving photos.”  Well, then!

Thank goodness for the guy who said, “You find the best sexy .gifs!”

I didn’t know about them either.  I was introduced by the sexy couple who run  They have a whole section in their blog devoted to them.  Yum.

So what are sexy .gifs?

Sure… they are mesmerizing.  And sexy.  And… graphic.  Usually a clip from a movie or p0rn video.

To me they are kindling… a little loop that can start a roaring blaze!  They are the fuse that can set off an explosion.  They can also give a man an indication that I am NOT SHY.  And I can show him things I like, in 10 seconds.  I LIKE SEX!  Whee!

They can be a very effective way to start a sexy conversation with a man far away.  As with p0rn, I like the ones with a man and a woman, being nice to each other.

I’ve made a new label (also know as tags in some circles) so you can find all the sexy .gifs in this blog.  I want to help the folks who only want to look at the photos.  Scroll down to the bottom right… all the ways I’ve categorized posts are there, if you’re the “drill down” type.

If you have a favorite I haven’t found – share!



4 thoughts on “Sassy Answers: Sexy .gifs

  1. Advizor54 says:

    OH MY OH MY, i’m a HUGE fan of these little tidbits of tempatation. the GIF is a little spot of magic and rates very hit in my bood. THANKS for bringing them some love.

  2. Love when you and Advisor post them. Let’s just say. ….I really enjoy them

  3. This is how my morning began. Your gifs inspired me to wear my silk kimono. He responded the same way.

    Thanks again.

    Read my blog. I thanked you there too.

  4. I’ve been doing gif posts on my blog for a few weeks now. I love gifs.

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