Sassy Answers: The Scorecard

Dear Readers,

It’s time for another scintillating post with a Sassy Answer, where I take a question from one of you and blather on about it!

Q.  Who are all these men and where do they stand now?

A.  I know, I know… so many men, so tough for you to keep straight!  Ah… you want the scorecard so you can tell the players?  Okay.  I aim to please.  Here you go!

Here’s a quick summary of my contacts since I joined AM in mid-September 2012:
As of May 31, 2013 (one year ago) 
  • 20 AM men contacted me that I replied to 
  • 11 Met – yes… 11 first meets without a second.  Whee!  
  • 5 Had sex (3 good, one bad, one fair)
  • 8 Gone
  • 4 Still talking (Mr Truck, Panties Man, Hyatt and SeaMan)
Note: I decided I am not seeing SeaMan or Hyatt again

Note: Mr Truck has been talking for SEVEN MONTHS and not followed through on a meet!

Month            Met       Status Comments
September 2012
   #1                   No        Gone    Guilt king, stood me up
   The Lawyer     Once     Gone     Regular guy, so sweet, too busy to cheat
   Dancing Man    Once     Gone     Regular guy, One and done without a word
   Panties Man     Once     Active   Kinky, sweet, too busy to cheat
   The Professor   Once     Gone     Vanilla, erudite, lunch and silence
October 2012
   Mr Truck          No       Active     Email king, porn king, kinky
November 2012
   Speedy             Once     Gone      Selfish, shorter, thinner, one and done
   Period Man       No         Gone      Too many periods! 
December 2012

   Volt                Once     Gone     Great guy, generous, guilty
January 2013 
    Mr Scat           Once      Gone    Strange, older than he said, thought AM is weird

February 2013

     SmoothGuy      Once       Gone     Nice guy, strange equipment, said he won’t cheat

     Hyatt              Once       Active    Older than his profile, I don’t care, won’t go away

March 2013

     Schenectady Sam    No       Gone   Cyber only, miles away, went silent

April 2013 

     Traveler              Once      Gone    Much older than he said, a sub – not my kink

May 2013

     SeaMan               Once      Active   Great meet, slow follow-up, a dom – not my kink

If you want to know more about any particular fellow, click on the label on the right side of my blog with their name, and Blogger will kindly show you all the posts about them!

So I am getting contacted, meeting men, having some sex but I have not mastered the elusive “get them to come back for more!” except with guys I don’t want to see again!  Will my luck ever change?! Stay tuned!

Hugs with groping,


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