Moon Palace

Thursday, May 9, 2013
Good morning kid.  On the bus early, running breakfast at work to send the staff off to a conference for two days.  Hope your Thursday is productive!
8:29am Phil
Hard at work, should be great fun!
That does sound fun, and right up your alley!   Breakfast done, staff gone.  Party!
8:00pm Phil
Grabbing dinner in China Town!
Ooh!  Lucky guy!
8:01pm Phil
Spicy General Gao, spicy shrimp, scallop and squid, spicy shrimp fried rice and a Tsingtao beer of course
Full Moon, love their food!
You’re such a spicy kid!  Looking the place up…
8:05pm Phil
Moon Palace oops

Wow…great reviews!
8:08pm Phil
Great food! Stop here any time I can
They have lobster
Oh my…

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