The wet spot

From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: Sunday
Sweet Stan!  
I hope you are getting to enjoy the outdoors today!  So nice out!  I have the worst urge to play hooky and drive out into the countryside and have an adventure.  Instead I am at my desk avoiding writing my annual performance review.  
Gosh you had me smiling… you are a very special man!  I know sex is best… but talking and kissing are great, too.  I’d adore hearing your stories and your dreams, seeing if I can make you laugh with mine.  Sometimes I think of sex as a conversation, with the physical and mental sharing all mixed up in interesting ways.  The more I hear, the better I can adapt to what will make you burn and smile.  
I did get to have fun petting!  I learn something new with each guy.  Does that happen with you and your ladies? 
Several guys sent me porn over the weekend but they are…awful.  Terrible sound… harsh cuts…. very odd set-ups.  I can not in good conscience forward them.  It really makes me appreciate the ones you send!  
The reception was amazing!  We had the perfect afternoon… warm sun. the trees flowered in the garden, people were happy… the new boss listened to me and did well and thanked me by name in his speech!  There are a lot of moving pieces and people – I am always so relieved when it all fits together.  And the eclairs were smooth and sweet and creamy.  😉
I took a mini-vacation the rest of the week.  I took off Thursday and Friday.  I needed to see a beach, so I dragged Hubby up to Plum Island to walk on the sand and listen to the waves.  We saw where the houses fell into the ocean in March – so sad.  And I ate lobster pie at the Starboard Galley in Newburyport!  Yum.  
Friday we had an adventure to Walmart in Danvers to stock up, then tried a new German place, Karl’s Sausage Kitchen, in Peabody.  Nothing like a good schnitzel! 
Saturday Hubby wanted to have a guest at our place, so I took a gal pal to lunch at the Great Mandarin chinese buffet in Woburn.  It is so good and only $8.  How do they do that?  
Sunday was my “get things done” day – exciting stuff like laundry and plant watering!  I also survived a very boring project meeting, and tried a new Vietnamese place in Everett called Kiengiang.  It was cheap, fast and good.  
Last night we went to Brookline Village to try Sichuan Garden.  We’d been to the one in Woburn, but wanted to see how the city branch compared.  It was fine but just not as good somehow.  
I would like to see your sexy legs in shorts!  Maybe let my hand wander up underneath?  Mmm…. Some people may wear different clothes depending on the weather, but I mostly don’t.  The “demure lady” has on the same slacks and a top and a jacket.  Sassy has not made in-roads on my wardrobe yet.  But I’ve been looking at sundresses online and thinking of showing a little more skin.  
I’d better get back to work.  Hugs with groping to you! 
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
Sent: May 2, 2013 1:03 pm 
Wow what an epic letter from you! So fun to read!
I was able to get outside a little last weekend and this week but mostly it was inside and working, ugh.
Yes I agree that conversational interaction is important. I like imagining laying back on the bed with you and chatting about anything, while feeling your hand caressing me, gently massaging my balls, running your hand around my tummy, fingering my bellybutton, my nipples as we laugh and chat. You asking me very intimate questions…. I’d be doing much the same on you, circling my finger on your nipples as we both giggle and watch how they react.
Too bad about the bad porn choices some of your guy friends make. I can’t wait for us to watch some porn together.
Glad your reception went well, especially those creamy eclairs…
Some of those restaurants you’ve been to make me so hungry hearing about, especially the lobster pie!
I will send you a pic of me in shorts as soon as i can. My legs are pretty smooth, not much hair at all, you’d love running your hand up my calf and thighs, maybe up further to feel my smooth ass. It’s been too long since a woman really felt me up good. When we’re together, you can ‘feel’ free to touch me anywhere you like, anytime. Even if we’re just sitting and talking, you can tell me to take off my shirt or even my pants if that’s what you want. I’m that easy! I have a feeling you’re pretty easy too, but might require some tender kisses to loosen you up a little.
It’s kind of hot that you wear mostly the same clothes. Guessing that slacks tend to show off your curves. Do your blouses ever show cleavage? Nice that you’re looking at dresses, you already know how i love them, they’re so feminine and of course so accommodating when it comes to letting my hand run up your smooth white legs. I like to tease: Passionate kissing while just feeling your ankles & calves, then slowly work my way up to your lower thighs where I eventually part your legs to concentrate my attention to your inner thighs as our kisses increase in depth and wetness. Soon your legs are spread wide revealing your pretty panty crotch and the wet spot that I’ve created.

You might never wear pants again!

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