Plum Island Adventure

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Good morning! Up early prepping for cleaners. Yay! Have a great Thursday!

8:13am Phil 
Why prep for cleaners? If you have to prep, why not clean yourself? I got creative last night – made dinner on the grill

[he attached a photo of a huge spread of meat]

8:13am Phil 
A happy boy
[Photo of his smiling face sitting outside]

8:14am Phil 
Have a great day Sass!
[photo of his smiling face in his office in uniform]

 You are looking so happy and healthy! And sexy!

8:47am Phil 
Well thank you, thank you very much baby
(in my best Elvis accent)

Hee hee! (Hands you a pb & banana sammich)

Playing hooky, meandering up US 1 toward Newburyport. Whee!

11:13 am
Plum Island Beach looking north

Plum Island Beach looking South

Plum Island Beach looking east

There was a house here until the last big storm when it was swept out to sea.  The one next door is also gone.  
Plum Island Lighthouse
The name of the boat is “Captain’s Lady!’
Lunch in Newburyport at the Starboard Galley!

Creamy classic clam chowder
Lobster pie with rice pilaf

The homey dining room 

Turtle cheesecake with chocolate filling

 Hubby’s marinated steak tips and scallops wrapped in bacon combo with rice pilaf

Downtown Newburyport

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