Marathon Monday

Monday, April 15, 2013
Happy Patriots Day! I took off to deal with a tax snafu. Whee!


From: Sassy
Subject: The office visit
Date: April 15, 2013 12:12:14 PM EDT

To: Philip

More from the amazing Camille Crimson.  

5 minutes

2:05 pm TEXT
[32 sec video of him jerking off in the shower with great sounds!]
3:15 pm

4:13 pm
Hubby and I are fine, home reading the news and checking on our friends who were at the Marathon today. Praying for those hurt, for the runners pulled off the course so close to completion to keep them safe, and for this country. Thank you to everyone calling or writing to check on us!  Sis really needs to stop traveling… all hell breaks out!


From: Philip
Subject: Re: The office visit
Date: April 15, 2013 4:44:01 PM EDT

To: Sassy 


6:22pm Phil
Holy Shit!
Praying for Boston. What an ugly thing!
Scary shit, kid.

6:24pm Phil 
Wow! How close are you to all of that?

Too close.  It’s not far from Fenway Park
6:26pm Phil 
Unreal, not good at all


We had project friends who were right there, but were lucky, are okay. People from my office were down there… too close.  
6:31pm Phil 
No lie, glad everyone is ok. Lot of people badly hurt and I read they found a third bomb that did not explode and some mysterious stuff in the Subways.

We’re under full counter-terrorism alert… cellphones shut down, ground hold at Logan, subways shut down, asking people not to go out etc.

They’re finding suspicious stuff all over… of course, people are noticing and reporting a lot today

Thanks for posting that photo…
[he said Prayers for Boston with a United Behind Boston poster on his FB wall]

6:39pm Phil 
It pained me to have to do so

I’ve been hearing from folks for all over. it helps to know folks are thinking of us.

6:40pm Phil 

Always, hope this is the end of it and we can track who, what, where

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