FFF Together

Flash Fiction Friday time!  Dig the photo that Tom challenged us with this week, and pop over to Three Spelling Mistakes to see what he and other amazing bloggers made of it.  My take is below.  Here’s this week’s challenge:

Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +100 if it’s not a bubble boy situation.
Required Word: Together
Forbidden Word: Touch

Extra Credit: Tell us a story of a lover you just couldn’t connect with.
I adore my new married man from Ashley Madison.  He has his own apartment during the week in the city.  It gives us time to eat, play, and shower together.  And I don’t have to worry about leaving my long hair on his sheets!  
Today we had a very special lunch.  He stopped at Rein’s Deli and brought me a Reuben sandwich, matzo ball soup and pickled herring in cream sauce, with a noodle kugel for dessert!  What a feast!  We cuddled on the couch, nibbling on delicacies and each other! 
He was worn out. I gave him a back rub in bed and let him nap for awhile.  I sat in the big chair in the corner of the bedroom reading sexy blogs on my phone and glancing over now and then to take his beautiful body, lush hair and sexy breathing.  
After 20 minutes, he stirred and held out a hand to me.  I shed my clothes in a sexy striptease.  He whistled and hooted!  I crawled into bed next to him, reaching down to discover he was already raring to go!  I flattened him and climbed on top, sliding back and forth on his gorgeous cock until he was wet with my juices and adding drops of pre-cum to the mix.  He was holding my hips, staring at my bouncing breasts, begging me to put him into my dark, hot, wet place.  I reached for the condom packet on the nightstand and rolled it into place.  I rose up and came down fast… shoving him deep inside.  Then I bounced up.  And came down again!  
He made that face he makes when he is losing control.  I slid down again and stayed… he came hard.  He pressed a finger against my clit and boom!  I exploded! I collapsed on him and we cuddled while our breathing returned to normal.  He played with my breast and nibbled on my ear… then rolled me over, pulled my ass up, tossed on another condom and took me from behind, deeper than before!  Damn… he feels so good inside me!
He headed to the shower.  I tied my hair back and trailed after him.  His shower curtain is great!  It’s clear plastic, so I can see his manly assets while he soaps up.  I leaned in to kiss him… then yanked it back and jumped in to wash his back!  Whee! 

6 thoughts on “FFF Together

  1. Tom says:

    Oh… it’s a shower curtain! Duh! Now that you’ve said it I can’t see it as anything else. I kept thinking it was one of those plastic screens they put up at construction sites, but a shower curtain makes more sense.

    Sounds like a fun evening in the city!

  2. Anna Sky says:

    So much fun 🙂

  3. Shower curtain…brilliant! It seems a lot of us imagined a shower, but a shower curtain seems so damn obvious now. Awesome and sexy story.

  4. Advizor54 says:

    I like the fun before the shower and definately the shower to wash off, cool down, and start all over again.

  5. JD Stones says:

    Never saw a shower curtain in it; or the thoughts of a married affair.

    Hot tale!

  6. Measha Stone says:

    I had a clear shower curtain once…these fun things didn’t happen so much to me… This was much better! Great take this week!

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