Traveler Twinges

From: Sassy
To: FredRRoberts
Sent: Fri, Apr 5, 2013 10:47 AM
Subject: Re: Let’s get together Wednesday!
Good morning!  Happy Friday!  
I am having twinges in certain places… fun remembering why.  🙂  
I never heard from him again.  And that was okay.  I hope he found a great domme! 
After a couple of months, I did more research online, plugged his photos into Google Images to see if I could get a name so I could check for news of his retirement or an obituary.  Wow… this guy is a BIGWIG!  I felt a small thrill that I can attract such a high-powered, successful man.  I should have ordered dessert! 
NOTE:  If you want to stay anonymous – Do NOT give a woman your business head shot.  It will lead her to your business, your bio and all your contact info in one click.  

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One thought on “Traveler Twinges”

  1. Too funny. You would think a person in a fairly high profile or at least high seat at the table would know to be a *little* more discreet but I guess not.

    More than anything I like to read the confidence in your words that says “that’s alright”. I’m comfortable saying it’s his loss for not seeing you again!

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