FFF Nice body

Flash Fiction Friday time!  Tom posts a photo and challenges us to write something about it!  Whee!  Pop over to his blog to see what he and other bloggers did with this prompt:

Word Limit: 300 words
Word Bonus: +100 for every person in the room not in the picture
Required Phrase: “Nice body”
Forbidden Word: Juice

Extra Credit: Tell us your favorite story that started with a glass of wine.
Here’s my scribbling.  Enjoy! 
“I want to marry him… I do!  I think… I love him so it makes sense to make it official, right?” my sister Tonya was drunk and rambling, hours before her wedding. She was pacing back and forth wearing a hole in the hotel suite carpet.  
“Sure.  You should sleep,” I suggested.  “You want to look your best!” 
“Can’t.  Too nervous.  You don’t have to sit up with me, it’s okay.”
“I’m not sleepy either.  I napped while you dressed.  You want to watch HBO? or I got the ‘Frozen’ DVD today,” I offered. 
“I couldn’t concentrate.  He loves me, I know he does. You think he does?” she pondered aloud. 
“He does,” I reassured her.  “He looks completely smitten.”  
“He is so sweet… with a nice body and he has a gorgeous cock.  I’m doing the right thing,” she told herself for the seventeenth time.  “I need another glass of wine,” she said, strolling off to the mini-bar.  Whoo… nothing like TMI from my drunk sister! 
“I’ll get it!” I insisted, heading her off and pouring a glass of water with some cranberry juice. She wouldn’t notice.  She did not need any more booze!  
I gave her the glass, guided her to the couch, and made a quick trip to the bathroom.  When I came back, she watching porn on the TV!  Hah!  An unusually handsome man was going down on a gorgeous redhead… great camera work!  Tonya was pressing her fingers against the crotch of her panties.  I needed some air.  
I went out on the balcony and looked at the city lights.  The warm breeze was soothing.  
I went back inside and she was gone!  I looked in her bedroom… checked my bedroom.  Then checked the balcony.  Nothing!  Argh!  It was my turn to pace. 
She came back 15 minutes later with two men!  One blonde, one dark… I vaguely recognized them from the rehearsal dinner… waiters.  They were laughing, taking turns kissing her and groping!  They went directly to her bedroom, leaving a trail of discarded clothing.  She motioned me to join them but that’s not my thing!  They looked harmless enough.  If this is how she wanted to spend to last moments as a single woman… whatever!
I went to my bedroom at the far end of the suite.  I could still hear them, moaning and laughing.  I turned on some smooth jazz. A few sounds filtered through but it was much better.  I went to get a diet Coke… one of the men was naked, up against the wall… nice shoulders!  Tonya was giving him a first class blow job.  Whee!  
“Hey…Sis… join us?” the man offered between ragged breaths.  I shook my head and scurried back to my room, locking the door.  I curled up on the floor leaning against the far wall rocking to the beat.  Finally I didn’t hear anything more.  I ventured out to get some chips.  Tonya was back to pacing. 
“I’m done… you can have them now.” 

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  1. Tom says:

    Those waiters got a very nice tip. Great story!

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