Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Finally a little better!  They gave me an inhaler and serious cough medicine.  
Off to work.  Have a great Wednesday kid!
9:00am Phil
Glad to hear that!  Have a great day!
How are you doing?  Your wife starting to get better?
6:16pm Phil
I’m ok. My wife is my wife. We do fine out to dinner or at a winery. We can go to a show, no one is going to mistake us for a romantic couple. I like bars, she does not, I like to party, she does not, a day on the beach is nirvana for me, a day at the mall is for her. The thought of whipping up a nice dinner never occurs to her. The idea of meeting me with a drink, completely foreign. I look at the impact to my kids, the financial impact, and the fact that except for not having an intimate relationship or a particularly fun one, it’s not so bad.
You are still waffling?  I’m in your corner no matter where you sit but…  
Your kids? you’ll still love them – better w/o their mother making you cranky.  
Money?  You never cared about that.  Intimacy.  Fun.  YES!  
“Not so bad” is NOT LIVING.  
I’m stuck but you can go!  GO!  Try something else!  LIVE!
Psst… I was asking if she’s feeling better from the cough!
7:19pm Phil
Nah, she still feels crappy! 
Good pep talk! I need a kick in the keyster from time to time
I would like to do things to your ass but kicking you is not what I had in mind. 
7:29pm Phil
Ha ha!

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