Clothed female, naked male

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: TV repairs
Hiya Stan!  
It is so wonderful to see your sweet words in the morning!!!  I woke up with a bad case of the “dont wannas” – don’t want to get up, don’t want to go to work… bleh.   Your email made me smile.  The promise of having my way with your body?  Wow!   Thank you.  That gives me something great to think about!
Yesterday was crazy at work and then I helped with a project meeting last night.  No time to watch porn!  But I will send more… I have a long list someone sent me but hesitate to send before I look… no telling what dreck is in there.  So be patient as I work my way through them and I will send you the best.   Those women make me feel small!  
It’s seems to me you are horniest in the mornings, so maybe we should try for that? Unless there are other parameters.  I am very flexible.  You are have more limits.  So suggest a date?  Time?  Place?  Maybe a safe open spot for a start, with options for more a quiet spot in my car or a room close by?  
From: Mr Truck 
To: Sassy
Sent: Mar 6, 2013 7:43 AM
Subject: re: TV repairs
Gosh I LOVE how accommodating you are! Yes mornings are sooooo horny for me, hope they are for you too. I think you have the right ideas about meeting, some place open at first, then move to your car for some kissing. I’m pretty confident we’re going to get alone VERY well so I’d probably get a room ahead of time. Or maybe we just plan on meeting in the open then only doing a ‘car date’ after, leave getting a room for our next time. Can you imagine the anticipation we’d build up over the following week or so?!!!
Yeah sometimes I wake up and all I want to do is watch porn all day 😉 or just stay in bed and fuck & suck all day…
As far as letting you have your way with me, it’s something I’ve really never done, especially with a big woman who can use her weight and height to both our advantages. I also liked who you said you wanted to undress me, thread by thread. Do you know about CFNM (clothed female, naked man)?  That might be kind of fun, probably wouldn’t last long because I’d be wanting to get you down to your bra & panties pretty fast…I wanna see how your panty crotch wet spot gets wetter and wetter as we kiss and touch. At some point I will ask you to lay back and spread your cunt lips wide so I can peek deep inside at your glistening pink wet pussy flesh…
I like it that those big women make you feel small. Those 2 were well over 300lbs and you’re way less. I’m dying to see how your weight is dristributed. I already know you have awesome big tits with juicy nipples. Wanna see your ass and tummy, see your thighs & calves. All of the above need my TLC and outright worshipping. 
So is the friend who sent you all the BBW links a fun guy? I’d love to talk to another fat loving man someday, compare notes!
Anyway I’m thinking maybe we can meet either this weekend or middle of next week. I need to stay kind of close to home because wife will be checking in by phone now and then. But anywhere in my area will probably do. I’ll get more detailed after giving it more thought as to exactly where and when. It can be late morning or early afternoon. Tell ME what works best for you as far as time of day.

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