Someone wonderful

Monday, February 25, 2013
Hiya, kid.  How was your Monday?  Are you feeling better?  
You at work today? 
I had a nutty day. Home alone tonight while Hubby plays with that couple.
Hope all’s good!
10:49pm Phil
Feeling better. Still home. 
You ok with this couple thing?
Yay for better.
Eh… I dunno.  Doesn’t matter, I suppose.
10:53pm Phil
I’ve been enjoying breathing again! 
Guess it doesn’t.  What ever works babe.
It irks me but I am trying to get over it.
10:56pm Phil
I understand that. Why them and not you and lord knows you are a sexy biatch. 
He has no idea what he has at home.
Thought he had issues because of meds.
He does.  She has genital herpes… so they play other ways.
10:58pm Phil
Oh shit!
Yeah… just his luck.
11:00pm Phil
Boy, if it weren’t for bad luck.
I made him go look up what happens to man if he gets it… so he doesn’t get sloppy.
11:02pm Phil
That’s good thinking. Nasty stuff
Tell me some good news…
11:04pm Phil
Gonna snow here tomorrow. 6 – 10 inches
There’s someone wonderful out there for all of us. May take some time to find them but they are there
I hope so.  That would be nice.
11:12pm Phil
Oh Sass, I believe that. So many good people out there looking to be loved. Just gotta find the one.  I know easier said than done but I believe

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