Hold me

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Thanks for the sexy feedback!   They are for you.  
So glad they caused a reaction!
You working today?  They announced our new big boss yesterday – changes coming!  Off to work to see what that’s about. Happy Tuesday!
8:06am Phil
I am not working today!  Got home around 3 from the show. Cleaning house and going to the gym today. Got a little blizzard going here.

Good luck with the changes!

I am going to grab a shower, jerk off to your pictures and start my day!

8:22am Phil
Back at you!
[photo of his gorgeous cock]
9:08am Phil
[photo of him naked in the bathroom from the side with a very erect cock]
Oooh!  I adore it when you read my mind!  was thinking “I wanna see!”  You rock, kid!  So gorgeous!  Now if I could just touch… mmm…. have a great day!
Hey!  What is that on your chin?  Mmm… stubble.  
Bet that would feel amazing on my inner thigh!
10:52am Phil
You know it.   While you’re scruffing my skin w/ my juices all over your beard, I’ll be tasting your cock, on all fours over you… sucking, licking balls to tip, edging you til you’re so hot your blood is boiling.
11:59am Phil
Well damn!
Hubby got laid tonight.  First time since 1999.  *sigh  Wish you could just hold me and tell me life will be okay again someday.

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