New guy – Second try

Question: Does it work to write to a lady again, if she doesn’t respond the first time?

Answer: In general, it’s a bad idea to pester a woman who don’t respond but…


TRY #1
Date:  Jan 9th – 4:41pm
From:  [a new guy]
AM Message:
hello believe/feel I am smart, sort of funny and do like being upbeat (a bourbon helps especially upon meeting someone for the first time) … I like food, especially Asian … demure woman is nice, but sultry and attitude is best … here I am – care to start a conversation? – teddy
Date:  Jan 9th – 9:55pm
From:  [a new guy]
AM Message:
We thought you’d like to know that “[a new guy]” has added you to the ‘Favorites’ section of his Profile.
I looked at his message, read his profile and stared at his three photos.  
His stats were good – 6’0″ tall and 220… oh yes.  
Age = 55… so figure 57?  Okay.  
His tag line was mediocre but the profile was well-written, if a little sparse.  Good.  
But his AM profile name? It was AWFUL!  It was a play on words that meant… OLD.  WTF? Really? 
His photos did nothing for me… white hair, never looking at the camera… rather like an old time TV anchorman with no emotion, just the news.  No.  
The message itself?  He did read my profile and pull words from it.  Oddly put together.  Typed on his phone? Some flashes of fun, and I adore Asian food but.. no, just… no.  
I was still a mess from my New Year’s Eve double dumping, and thinking I was probably done with being on AM.  I was about to meet Mr. Scat.  I went back to look at his profile the next day… still couldn’t find any reason to answer him.  I did not respond.
TRY #2
Date:  Feb 12th – 8:37am
From:  [a new guy]
AM Message:
[10 words being funny about my tag line, with a first name – Teddy]

I smiled.  I read his profile and looked at his photos again.  Maybe his smile was sort of cute?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I have no prospects for a hug.  SmoothGuy and Mr Truck are nice but never seem to get to the meeting point.  I hoped to see Simon Templar again, but it didn’t work out.  My husband has asked if we could celebrate early, as he wants to be with a new couple he’s found to play with on the day.  I haven’t met anyone in over a month and am going a little crazy!

The new guy is tenacious… maybe… I dunno… it would be polite to answer.  Right?

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