Virgin hair

IM Thursday, Feb 7, 2013
10:25 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
10:25 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
10:25 PM SmoothGuy: Hi there!
10:26 PM Sassy: hiya!
10:26 PM Sassy: Yay!
10:26 PM Sassy: I heard it this time…
10:26 PM SmoothGuy: Great!
10:27 PM SmoothGuy: You looking forward to the blizzard?
10:27 PM Sassy: Ugh
10:27 PM Sassy: Trying to figure out if my project peeps can meet on Saturday
10:27 PM SmoothGuy: Fun!
10:27 PM Sassy: been fielding inquires and theories and looking at all day
10:28 PM SmoothGuy: Oh, real life.
10:28 PM SmoothGuy: Forgot about that
10:28 PM Sassy: and my boss can’t figure out the weather stuff online…
10:28 PM Sassy: heh
10:28 PM Sassy: We’ve never cancelled… karma may be catching up to me
10:28 PM SmoothGuy: Cancel Saturday. 30 inches.
10:28 PM Sassy: well… we are supposed to meet at 3 PM and 8 PM    
10:29 PM Sassy: they’ve closed the T… when will it reopen?
10:29 PM Sassy: when will the snow STOP?
10:29 PM SmoothGuy: Governor will close the roads
10:29 PM Sassy: yes… but when will he reopen them?
10:29 PM SmoothGuy: Latest is Saturday at noon
10:29 PM Sassy: tricky
10:29 PM SmoothGuy: But need time to clear the roads
10:30 PM Sassy: yeah…
10:30 PM Sassy: so far we’re saying we’ll be there…
10:30 PM Sassy: and we’ll honor 3 PM tickets at 8 PM    
10:30 PM SmoothGuy: Pretty clear cut. Many won’t be able to make it
10:30 PM Sassy: Yeah… but we can’t reschedule
10:30 PM Sassy: and it’s for charity
10:30 PM SmoothGuy: Sorry for you though. Can you just reschedule?
10:31 PM SmoothGuy: Ouch.
10:31 PM Sassy: ah well…
10:31 PM Sassy: You don’t need to hear all this!
10:31 PM SmoothGuy: Mother nature can be a bitch
10:31 PM SmoothGuy: No problem.
10:32 PM SmoothGuy: Part of being a person
10:32 PM Sassy: I don’t usually share about this stuff… but somehow…
10:32 PM Sassy: you seem safe!
10:32 PM Sassy: and sexy…
10:33 PM SmoothGuy: Thanks. You seem very safe too
10:33 PM SmoothGuy: Which is why
10:34 PM SmoothGuy: I’m very interested in your sexy body! 
10:34 PM Sassy: Yay!
10:34 PM SmoothGuy: Ditto
10:36 PM Sassy: fantasizing?
10:36 PM SmoothGuy: Don’t recall if I asked. Blonde, brunette , red head, or combo. Or should I wait to find out?
10:36 PM Sassy: hmmm…
10:37 PM SmoothGuy: Curious. But would help 
10:40 PM SmoothGuy: Hmmmm…. sounds enticing. Are you changing as we speak? 
10:40 PM Sassy: changing?
10:42 PM SmoothGuy: Changing hair color. Just a witticism !
10:42 PM Sassy: Heh…
10:42 PM Sassy: I think about it
10:42 PM SmoothGuy: Poor one at that 
10:42 PM Sassy: I had waist length dark brown hair until I got sick
10:42 PM Sassy: That’s how I see myself
10:43 PM Sassy: And I worry that the silver is a huge turn off…
10:44 PM SmoothGuy: Not to me. Mauve
10:44 PM Sassy: Hee hee
10:44 PM Sassy: It is virgin hair, which is rather fun
10:44 PM SmoothGuy: Maybe if i was twenty
10:44 PM Sassy: never been cut
10:45 PM Sassy: It’s down below my shoulders now
10:45 PM SmoothGuy: I like long hair so that’s nice.
10:45 PM Sassy: you can grab onto it?
10:46 PM SmoothGuy: Nice to run my hands through
10:46 PM Sassy: It is very soft
10:46 PM Sassy: I was surprised… thought it would be like steel wool!
10:46 PM Sassy: and the ends are all curly
10:47 PM SmoothGuy: Soft is nice. Would remind me of the soft hair down below.
10:47 PM Sassy: gonna play with that?
10:47 PM SmoothGuy: Like curly too.
10:47 PM SmoothGuy:  : )
10:48 PM SmoothGuy: Would like to as well
10:48 PM SmoothGuy: Run my nose and mouth through it
10:48 PM SmoothGuy: Rub it gently
10:49 PM SmoothGuy: Soft kisses
10:49 PM Sassy: mmmm hmmm
10:49 PM SmoothGuy: Breath it in
10:50 PM SmoothGuy: Use my tongue to take several long licks below
10:50 PM Sassy: ooooh
10:50 PM SmoothGuy: With just a little penetration.
10:50 PM Sassy: hips will roll… trying to get to you
10:51 PM SmoothGuy: And then just kiss you very deeply over and over
10:51 PM Sassy: mmmf… you make me so wet!
10:52 PM Sassy: will you have to work tomorrow?
10:52 PM SmoothGuy: Nice  You make me very hard
10:52 PM SmoothGuy: Working from home. You?
10:53 PM Sassy: remains to be seen.
10:53 PM Sassy: Right now employer says closing at noon
10:53 PM Sassy: but boss may say never mind
10:53 PM SmoothGuy: Shouldn’t. Be a big problem
10:53 PM SmoothGuy: At noon
10:53 PM Sassy: yeah…
10:53 PM Sassy: unless everyone gets out then
10:53 PM SmoothGuy: Would leave then no matter what
10:54 PM Sassy: Were you raised around here?
10:55 PM SmoothGuy: Internet burp
10:55 PM Sassy: heh
10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Need to go now. Hope the storm
10:56 PM Sassy: Sleep well, sweets
10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Works out for you.
10:56 PM Sassy: Think of the buxom wench
10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Before I go,,,,
10:57 PM SmoothGuy: Any thoughts on meeting? Next weekend?
10:57 PM Sassy: Yes
10:57 PM SmoothGuy: 16th
10:57 PM SmoothGuy: And…
10:57 PM SmoothGuy: ?
10:57 PM Sassy: Sounds good
10:59 PM SmoothGuy: Sorry. Saturday the 16th look okay? Maybe am?
10:59 PM Sassy: Yes
10:59 PM SmoothGuy: Very nice!
10:59 PM SmoothGuy: Meet at a breakfast type place?
11:00 PM Sassy: Sure
11:00 PM SmoothGuy: You’re in Boston area?
11:00 PM Sassy: Yes
11:01 PM SmoothGuy: Burlington too far? Want to be safe for you.
11:01 PM Sassy: Can do that easily
11:02 PM SmoothGuy: Great! Me too
11:02 PM SmoothGuy: We can pick a place
11:03 PM SmoothGuy: Later. I’m open to ideas, was thinking near the mall
11:03 PM Sassy: trying to think of places…
11:04 PM SmoothGuy: Can look at a map, later on. Tentative plAns?
11:04 PM Sassy: I can be wherever, whenever…
11:05 PM Sassy: should play hard to get but so over all that crap
11:06 PM SmoothGuy: Me too.
11:06 PM SmoothGuy: I’m sure you will have me at hello 
11:07 PM Sassy: I’m going to hug you…
11:07 PM Sassy: like an old friend
11:08 PM Sassy: and look deep into your eyes
11:08 PM Sassy: and let go
11:08 PM Sassy: after that… up to you!
11:09 PM SmoothGuy: Well.., thanks for no pressure 
11:09 PM SmoothGuy: I’ll hug you back
11:09 PM Sassy: There isn’t really
11:10 PM Sassy: If it works out, YAY!
11:10 PM Sassy: If not… whatever.
11:10 PM Sassy: Just be honest.
11:10 PM SmoothGuy: Probably want to kiss you right there
11:10 PM Sassy: It will be fine
11:10 PM Sassy: hmmm… risky
11:10 PM SmoothGuy: But will behave
11:11 PM Sassy: we’ll see what sort of corner we can find
11:11 PM Sassy: if you want
11:11 PM Sassy: or we can sit in my car
11:11 PM Sassy: you can muse on that!
11:11 PM SmoothGuy: Always nice to kiss first and get the nervousness out of the wAy
11:12 PM SmoothGuy: Then see how it goes
11:12 PM SmoothGuy: At least we end up with nice memories
11:12 PM Sassy: oh yes
11:13 PM SmoothGuy: Nice plan : )
11:13 PM SmoothGuy: Though you would be tempting to touch me all over!
11:14 PM Sassy: Never can tell what I’ll touch
11:14 PM SmoothGuy: Might be hard to resist you!
11:14 PM Sassy: If you let me
11:15 PM SmoothGuy: I’m open to you.
11:16 PM Sassy:  : )
11:16 PM SmoothGuy: I’m afraid it would be hard to push you away.
11:17 PM Sassy: I wonder if you want it that way…
11:17 PM SmoothGuy: Meaning?
11:18 PM Sassy: to be so… enthralled
11:18 PM Sassy: that you forget the outside world
11:18 PM Sassy: Or if that will freak you out.
11:20 PM SmoothGuy: Not worried about freaking out. But realize that slow is good too.
11:20 PM Sassy: Oh yes
11:20 PM SmoothGuy: Should stop at just kissing, if we want. And enjoy a nice bite to eat
11:21 PM Sassy: Savor
11:21 PM SmoothGuy: With you on that
11:21 PM SmoothGuy: So kisses and bagels?
11:21 PM Sassy: heh.  Sounds like a movie
11:22 PM SmoothGuy: And then more kisses
11:22 PM SmoothGuy: Nice movie 
11:22 PM SmoothGuy: And play it by ear
11:23 PM Sassy: Definitely playing with your ears
11:23 PM Sassy: ; )
11:23 PM SmoothGuy: Really better sign off
11:23 PM Sassy: nite
11:23 PM  SmoothGuy: Enjoy the snow

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