Seven-minute twinge

Monday, January 28, 2013
 7:58 PM SmoothGuy: I’m about to jump in the shower and was thinking about you…
 7:58 PM SmoothGuy: Just finished exercising … All hot and sweaty…
 7:59 PM Sassy: mmmm
8:00 PM SmoothGuy: I only have a minute here, but wanted to say hi
8:00 PM Sassy: Hiya sexy
8:01 PM SmoothGuy: And share a nice visual 
8:01 PM Sassy: think of me in the shower with you
8:01 PM Sassy: kneeling
8:01 PM Sassy: touching
8:01 PM Sassy: stroking
8:01 PM Sassy: sucking
8:01 PM Sassy: okay?
8:01 PM SmoothGuy: Oh yes!!!
8:02 PM SmoothGuy: Hope those come true down the road
8:02 PM SmoothGuy: And with the positions reversed…
8:03 PM SmoothGuy: With my fingers probing you
8:03 PM Sassy: Yum
8:03 PM SmoothGuy: Then my tongue probing
8:03 PM SmoothGuy: Then long long long kisses
8:04 PM Sassy: oooh
8:04 PM Sassy: damn… you make me twinge!
8:05 PM SmoothGuy: Naked now! Waters hot. Gtg. Enjoy your evening.
8:05 PM SmoothGuy: Sorry to leave you twinging…
8:05 PM Sassy: enjoy!
8:06 PM SmoothGuy: Hope to make it go crazy one day
8:06 PM SmoothGuy: Bye

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