FFF Human Beings

Here’s today Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Tom of Three Spelling Mistakes.  Click over there to see what he and other bloggers wrote about this photo.  My take is below.

Word Count: 1,667 (the same length as the I Have A Dream speech).
Penalty Words: -100 for every time you laugh at one of these jokes.
Required Words: Include a speech, quote, poem, or lyric that inspires you to love your fellow human beings, regardless of skin color.
Forbidden Phrase: “Once you go black…”
Extra Credit: Tell us an interracial hook-up fantasy… or reality.


“Honey, did you see the DailyKos article about what MLK did? It’s all over Facebook,” my wife asked. 
“No.  Sum it up?” I replied, glancing over at her laptop.  We were the epitome of a modern couple, cuddled up on the couch after work with our matching computers.  
Dr. King ended the terror of living in the south.”
“Oh.  Yes.  Of course.  And through non-violence,” I marveled at the short phrase that covered such a huge change. 
“Yes. Trying to not just have a day off, you know?  To observe… honor… remember,” she said.  “I end up learning something every time.” 
“Thanks for sharing,” I told her, leaning over to give her a kiss and run my fingers through her glorious hair.  
“Oh!  I finished up the case with that client I was telling you about.  The one who flirts?”  she reported. “He wants to have a celebration dinner.” 
“Hmmm… alone?  What do you think he plans for dessert?” I kidded her.
“Oh you!  He can’t really be interested,” she insisted. 
“Don’t sell yourself short,” I reminded her for the umpteenth time.  She smiled indulgently, probably thinking I am not unbiased on this topic.  “Are you interested?” I probed. 
“Hmmm… I dunno… I suppose,” she mused. “He’s… different.  It would be new for me,” she added. 
“Different how?”  I asked. 
“Well… he’s much younger,” she stated.  “And in keeping with today’s theme, he’s black.” 
“Any of that matter to you?” 
“No…we’re all human beings.   It might be fun to play along, now that he won’t be around the office, you know,” she said. “I like to explore new things.” 
“Oh yes… yes, I know,” I smiled, leaning over to kiss her again.  We figured out a long time ago that she likes to try out a new man occasionally, and that I adore hearing all about it.  It keeps things fresh for us.  Variety is the spice of life!  I felt odd having these feelings, but started to explore online and found lots of like-minded men.  There are bloggers who share their adventures, forums to talk, chat rooms… so great to find out it’s “just another kink.” Hah.
“Did you know MLK has a Facebook page? That is so cool!  I wonder what he would’ve made of that?” she continued.  
“Interesting.  A great way to keep his legacy alive for a new generation,” I said. 
“Look at this… they have great inspirational quotes,” she said, pointing at her laptop. 
“He certainly had a way of summing it up.  We could live by that!” I replied. 
“Do you have any photos of the client?” I asked.  
“Hmmm… let me google him.  There must be something,” she said as her fingers flew across the keyboard.  “Here… this is him at that concert for Boston Strong last year.” 
I gazed at a gorgeous young man… closely shaven hair, elegant clothes, superb shoulders, trim and fit.  Both she and I drooled a bit.  She sighed.  I sighed.  
“Do him if you can!” I concluded. 
“Oh honey… you are such a cuckold!” she laughed. 
“I know… and you are the hottest hotwife ever!” I chuckled.  “I want you to have fun and give me a complete report.” 
“Hah!  You’re assuming he will play along,” she pointed out.  
“He looks like a man of taste,” I noted.  “Will he have a hotel room?” 
“I assume so.  He usually stays at the Hyatt,” she told me. “I could save him cab fare by dropping him off… maybe get myself invited to that rotating bar for a drink?” she plotted. 
“Hmmm… that sound subtle enough,” I approved.  “Wear that white blouse that makes you look like Mary Poppins,” I suggested. 
“Why that one?” she asked, looking quite puzzled.  
“It makes you look so… demure.  He’ll want to unbutton it, find out what’s under it,” I pointed out. 
“Oh! I get it… hope he doesn’t think I’m a prude!” 
“Not a chance.  Oh… and put your hair up, so he can think about taking it down,” I added. 
“Do you think about that when I wear it up?” she asked.  
“Only every single time,” I told her. I kissed her again, tugging at her mane. 
“Would you rather I bring him here?  Make some excuse to stop in, so you can meet him?” she asked.  
“Not the first time… that seems a little too much,” I pointed out. 
“Oh… you think he’ll want more?” She giggled.  
“Definitely,” I egged her on. 
“I wonder….” she mused, lost in thought.  I bet she was fantasizing about him touching her… tasting her.  So was I! 
“I want a photo,” I requested.  “Or several.”  
“Photos?  I dunno,” wavered.  “That could be very risky, especially with the business angle.  But I’ll see what I can do.  Definitely can’t show his face…” her voice trailed off as she considered the possibilities. 
“Maybe something from the back?  In the mirror? or creative use of the sheets?” I suggested.  She smiled, and licked her lips.  She nestled against me and stroked between my legs. 
“This is really setting you off, eh?” She asked, wiggling her eyebrows.  I smiled and wiggled mine in return.  She continued to rub me, exactly the right way.  I trailed my fingers under her robe and inside her panties.  
“I’m not the only one!” I exclaimed, tracing her very wet slit.  She closed her eyes and her head fell back on the coach as we played.  I pressed on the spot I know will set her off in record time and she began to shudder.  She is so beautiful when she cums! 
“Be sure to take off your jewelry – don’t want that distinctive engagement ring showing up in the photos,” I noted.  She nodded, but I couldn’t be sure she was paying attention.  Her breathing got more shallow as I nibbled on her ear and down her neck.  
“Yes dear,” she answered.  
“We should go upstairs,” I whispered.  
“Mmmmhmmm…” she murmured, stroking me a little faster.   I stood up and pulled her up with me, guiding her toward the bedroom as I turned off the lights.  I was looking forward to the first of many romps inspired by this new fellow! 

4 thoughts on “FFF Human Beings

  1. Sillyone says:

    I am in awe of your ability to sustain dialogue through that length of a story. And it still sounds real. It was a lot of fun to read. Sounds like it could have a part two…

  2. Anonymous says:

    A great read so far, more to follow I hope.
    Steve UK

  3. Tom says:

    This is great. Loved that you explained away the lack of a wedding ring 🙂

  4. Advizor54 says:

    Very very very …. hot. I like the dialog as well, good work, as always1

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