Dayquil day

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Good morning!  Mmmm…what a way to start my day!  Yum
Feel like crap…sniffles sore throat.  Ugh.  Can’t stay home due to conference prep.  Bleh.  
Stay warm, kid.
7:44am Phil
Hope you feel better, that thing shoots Phil’s magic Elixar, great for a sore throat!
Ooh!  You frisky fella…
I went to work, did 17 things, delegated the rest and came home at 1 pm.  Slept for 3 hrs.  
Missed my niece’s birthday dinner.  Waaaah. Just wish I could breathe!  
Arrrgh… anything I say that’s goofy, attribute to Dayquil!    
Sleep well, dear man.
11:16pm Phil
Feel better Sass

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