Ribs and brisket

Friday, January 11, 2013
9:45am Phil
Fried ocra, loaded mashed potatoes, crawfish étouffée, fried mushrooms!
Really neat little place
Oooh that would be nice too
Warm cream
2:35pm Phil
Big ass beer!
[photo of him outside in a sweatshirt holding a beer]
Ribs, brisket and big ass 32 ounce beers!
[Another photo of him outside in a sweatshirt holding a beer]
Yay!  Good PT, good doc appt, guy was not for me.  Ah well just have more time to play!!
Kid – you are looking so good!
2:50pm Phil 
[photo of him sitting outside in a sweatshirt eating a rib]
[photo of his plate]

[photo of another plate]

Oh my!  Yum! You are so lucky!  This is all on Uncle Sam?
3:13pm Phil
Yeah baby! Thank you!
Love all you tax payers
Ribs and brisket!
I’m having lobster roll, chowder and fried shrimp!  Drove through Kelly’s Roast Beef on my way home.  Man was not good, so I get a great lunch instead!  
3:14pm Phil
Oh hush! Show off!
But I had to pay!
Good night, sweet man.

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