Full Irish Breakfast

Year 3 – Week 21
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Good morning! Cold 15…brrr.  Back to the office to put all my stuff back and see how the construction went.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!
8:45am Phil
Outta here!  Off to DC today for work.  Then on South for more meetings!  Have a great day!
Hey, kid.  Got the office back together.  Taking a little break for lunch, thinking of you.  Hope you have safe travels and fun with all the gals! 
3:02pm Phil
Having a beer at the airport. Worried about one of those gals but worth a look-see. Nice to be out and about again. I love getting away for a bit!
Great!  Enjoy it all!  Eager to hear how things go.  Quiet afternoon in the office.  Thinking about the first time I saw you at Dulles… yum.
10:17 pm Phil
Hanging with my kid!
[photo of them, at a restaurant, beer in hand]
10:31 pm Phil
Full Irish Breakfast!
[photo of his plateā€¦ yum!]

Good night, kid.  Sleep well.

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