A Torrential Downpour

I met Volt today! For those of you keeping score at home, this is the sixth man from AM I’ve met since September – The Lawyer, Dancing Man, Panties Man, Speedy, the Professor and now Volt.  You can click on the “Meet” label to read about each one. 
Paul Newman

I had given up on searching for men online.  I had not heard from anyone interesting in nearly six weeks, and my experiences had been tough… nice meetings with no follow-up.  Bleh.  
Then I got an email from an electrician!  I’d never talked to a tradesman before.  He works with his hands.  Hmmm…. He can’t really spell, he never went to college, but I decided it didn’t matter.  He had this calm, settled, focused, sweet demeanor that made me hope for someone who was interested in basic sex, long term. He was not very chatty, but enjoyed the erotica I sent.  He never responded to any porn I sent.  He liked the photos I sent but never sent me any other than the first three he posted on AM. 
He said he caught his wife cheating years ago and things were never the same between them.  He had been with another woman for awhile but her job and schedule changed making it tough to see her, so they ended it.  He said he wanted one woman, that I was the only one he was talking with.  His mother died the week he started writing to me.  
We were both on vacation the week after Christmas, so he suggested a meet.  I agreed and we set to planning.  Once that was settled, he didn’t talk much.  
The plan was to meet for lunch at The 99 in Somerville – easy to find, just off the highway.  He likes burgers and they serve a range of tasty ones.  Since he’s an early riser, I suggested meeting early, but they don’t open until 11 am.  So I suggested meeting earlier, sitting in my car, getting acquainted.  So we are set to meet at 10:30 am on December 27, three weeks and three days since he first wrote to me.  
The meet
The weather was nasty – driving rain, windy, cold… but perfect to stay hidden in a car.  I drove over, arriving at 10:28 am.  I thought I saw his car parked in the front lot.  I drove around to the back lot I had told him about and in about 30 seconds, he parked two spots over from me and waved!  I had put down the middle seats, so I opened the side doors and hopped out of the car.  We had a quick hug in the rain, and I motioned him into the back seat.  He looked like his photos.  Phew!  He reminded me of an older Paul Newman.  He matched his stats – about my age, 6’2″ tall and about 200 pounds.  He had on black jeans, black Henley t-shirt, a plaid button down flannel shirt, and a bomber jacket from his work, with a Harley-Davidson baseball cap.  I wore my soft old blue jeans, teal blue top (that buttons all the way down the front) and a silky scarf, a mixture of casual on the bottom and dressed up on top, with my old blue hoodie.  
We sprawled across the back seat like teenagers.  He put his arm around my shoulders and snuggled next to me, smiling.  We talked, staring at each other.  He touched my cheek and asked if it was okay to kiss me.  I nodded and we kissed… mmm.  He was very gentle, took it slow, asked if I was okay… said I smell nice!  He slipped his hand inside my shirt and tweaked my nipple over my bra… I started to squirm and moan.  He inched downward, making circles on my tummy and then further down inside my jeans.  He played along the edges of my panties, then dove inside to play with my clit.  He made me cum.  Great hands!  We steamed up the windows.  
After about half an hour, he said, “I notice a hotel across the parking lot.  Let me get a room.  We’d be so much more comfortable.”  I had decided I did not want to go that far on the first meet and I told him that.  He kissed me again and said it would be good, he would make it good.  I asked him to tempt me… tell me what he wanted to do.  He took a deep breath – he is not a big talker – then launched into a very sexy litany of basic acts.  He whispered and nibble on my ear.  I listened and melted.  I want to do that!  
I asked how it would work?  He said he’d get a room and I could call him in 10 minutes and he’d tell me the room number.  So easy.  So I said yes.  He took off to do that.  I texted Sis to tell her I was going to the hotel.  I wrote email to a blogger pal.  I wondered what I had agreed to do.  Heh.  
I called and he told me 321.  Easy to remember!  I drove across the lot to park on the hotel side, and took the elevator up to the third floor.  I knocked and he let me into the room.  I went to look out the window over the restaurant, warehouses and elevated highway in the rain.  He hugged me from behind, squeezed my chest and nibbled on my neck.  He unzipped my hoodie and draped it over the desk chair.  I turned around in his arms and we hugged hard… breathing each other in…then kissed for a long time.  We undressed each other slowly… he looked so happy as he uncovered parts of my body!  We ended up standing naked, looking at each other and smiling.  
We moved to the king size bed.  He rolled back the blankets and we sprawled out on the sheets.  I felt shy for a moment, so I rolled onto my stomach, – he gave me a lovely back rub!  He found the “easy button” on my back that is hooked directly to my clit and stroked it until I came!  Whoa… I hadn’t told him about that!  He played with my chest and then my clit with his finger, then licked my clit to another lovely orgasm.  He touched me all over…down each arm, each leg, my feet… I felt worshipped.  He kept asking me if I was okay, was he doing it right, did that feel good?   So wonderful to be touched!  
I sucked on him awhile… he was hard as a rock.  His cock is on the smaller side, but beautifully formed with a good girth… still big enough that I could not deep throat him easily, but he said to focus on the head…easier for him not to cum.  He said that felt good, and he adored the sounds I made.  He made some great sounds himself, moaning and sighing.  
He had put 3 condoms on the nightstand and took care of that as a matter of course… very nice.  I thanked him.  We had not talked about it because I thought we weren’t going there today.  I was cheered to think he might be able to cum more than once! 
He pulled me off sucking him and asked if I wanted him inside me.  I said yes. He tugged my legs up and entered me face-to-face for awhile… oh that felt so fantastic!  I flipped over and we did some doggie action… he flicked my clit and I came hard.  He liked that and came soon after me (I think, though he did not say).  He went to dispose of the condom.  
We lay next to each other on our sides, my face at his toes… he kept touching me… playing with my slit… rubbing my legs. I helped him find my g-spot… mmmm… I came again!  I sucked on him some more… he liked that a lot.  I played with his chest, then rolled him over and gave him a back rub while he rested… he has freckles and a very cute butt!  
He focused on my chest, sucking on one nipple while tweaking the other.  There was something about his mouth… his hand… he bit me gently and tugged and I exploded again!  The man is amazing!  
After a little while, he asked if I wanted more. I said yes.  He asked if I’d try a different position.  I nodded.  It was one I had never seen or done.  I was on my back, and he was lying perpendicular, bent at the waist, with my legs over his hips.  He could play with my clit and my chest and kiss me while pounding up from under… wow!  He puled out and pressed against my clit – I could really feel him twitching and I even felt him cum very distinctly!  Very very hot.  I exploded.  He disposed of the condom while I shuddered on the bed.  
He collapsed next to me but kept touching me… glancing over at me, smiling… nuzzling my neck.  
I asked him where he was today, officially?  He said he was “helping a friend with some electrical work” and that he hated lying but what can you do?  He looked at the clock and noticed it was 1:47 pm… said he has to get going.  He took a shower.  I used the toilet… and peeked at him. He laughed.  
We got dressed and he said he really enjoyed himself.  He said I should go first and he’d wait 10 minutes. He got very pensive, asked if it would be trouble that they asked for his credit card, even if he paid cash.  I said I wasn’t sure… but usually they don’t run anything unless you have phone charges or something extra.  I offered to charge it next time and he could give me cash if that was better. 
He gave me a big hug, said “I’ll see you online!” then I took off.  
I sat in my car eating a granola bar… I seem to have missed lunch.  I was gathering my wits and thought, “I could do this once a week.”  Mmmm…. Hooray for Volt!  
For the record – he made me cum SEVEN TIMES!  
Here’s the list of how he did it: 
#1 – in the back seat of the car, sitting next to each other, with his finger flicking my clit inside my jeans and his mouth on mine. 
#2 – a back rub.  (he found the spot.  I had not told him about it) 
#3 – his tongue flicking my clit and his fingers twisting inside me
#4 – his fingers on my clit while he was pounding me, sort of doggie style
#5 – two fingers inside me while we were “resting.”  I told him about the g-spot and curling fingers and helped him find it. 
#6 – sucking on my breast, while biting and twisting 
#7 – a new position – I was on my back with my legs over his hip while he was on his side bent at a right angle…with his face near mine. on the left.. so I could see his expressions, kiss him, he could play with my chest or clit.  There was this moment where his cock was pounding inside me, he was kissing me and his finger was on my clit and I could feel him cumming… and he took his cock out to press against my clit so I could feel the hot, warm liquid pouring into the condom… yowza.  Blew my mind. 
I like this guy!  

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    So hot!! Was awesome to read Sassy.

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