12 hours of sexy chat

Friday, December 21, 2012
Good morning!  Hope the exodus is going well! The radio is talking about sports stars calling military outposts for Christmas!
8:15am Phil
Morning! Going very well! Talking to co-workers, having a good time!
How’re you doing?  Good day to fly?  I’m clearing off my desk at work…everyone else too. Construction and serious cleaning over the break, servicing the HVAC… whee!  Our stuff is moving next door so it’s easy for them to shift furniture around.  Whee!
11:29am Phil 
[photo of him in full dress uniform]
Well, hello sir!  *Salutes
You look so handsome! Mwah!
11:46am Phil
Got clothes on!
I would fix that if I were there…
11:49am Phil
Gonna take them off in a sec
oh?  I’d start with the hat and kiss you
and start with the buttons and hug you
then work on the zippers and… pull on you!
11:54am Phil
I like it, I like it!
and I’d get to the shoes and socks and rub your feet while I tell you what’s next and hear about your adventures!
Hmmm… what else… hand you a drink and healthy snacks.
Pamper… that’s the word.
Soon to be followed by FUCKING!!
11:59am Phil
Fucking is good
Damn… I am revved up today.  Can feel the lady juices dripping… rawr!  ALL YOUR FAULT!
12:15pm Phil
I like lady juices dripping. Lubrication for many fun things
Mmmm… lubrication… man, that makes my mind race.
12:51pm Phil
How bout this?
[photo of him in his bathroom wearing a white shirt unbuttoned but covering his boy bits]
Holy cow… that’s *HAWT*
Damn… it makes my fingers itch so bad…
So is it a ghost town?
1:03pm Phil
Oh yeah
[photo of him in his bathroom wearing a white shirt unbuttoned to show his boy bits]
What are you trying to do to me?  Whatever it is, I approve!
1:13pm Phil
I said Whoops
Please make 5 pm get here…
6:21pm Phil
[photo of him close up in his bathroom wearing a white shirt unbuttoned to show his very erect boy bits!]
What do you think about that makes it do THAT?
Or do I not want to know?
8:47pm Phil
Hot mouths
Does not take much
Gets hard at the drop of a hat
10:13pm Phil
Just does.
Do what? That’s normal
Normal for you maybe.  Many men your age have trouble…
10:17pm Phil
Not I, gets hard quickly and stays that way. Always has. 
Does not go down after I cum either. I’m ready to go again
Not like it’s that tough
No one else can do that.  Most men your age are one and done, and have trouble staying hard for that
10:24pm Phil
I could fuck all night
I know… it is very special.
I hate having to choose between BJ and p-in-v
10:25pm Phil
Wish I had fucked your tight pussy and then your ass and cum in both. Used to be able to cum 5
 Or 6 times. I top out at 3 now
I can fuck your mouth and your pussy baby
Give you what you want in both
I remember… vividly
10:29pm Phil
I’m glad. Loved your tongue in my ass, that was hot as hell
I would gladly have let you fuck me, damn I’m hard
wish I had figured out toys earlier
and all the other stuff the blogs have taught me this year
10:31pm Phil
Always wanted to have my ass pounded by a girl with a strap on
[photo of him in his bathroom wearing a white shirt, unbuttoned, turned to the side to show off his very erect boy bits]
Loved the tongue though
It was wonderful how we could do whatever we felt like…
10:33pm Phil
Oh yeah. Very hot. Really wanted to do your ass, wanted you to do mine
My cock in your throat, man!
Loved pumping my cum inside you, loved watching you quiver after I did
Felt so right…
you definitely knew how to make it hot for me
10:35pm Phil
It was great!
Came like crazy in your sweet, tight pussy
I go to sleep at night thinking about it…
10:41pm Phil
Cool, feeling it shoot, seeing me pulling your pants off and shoving my tongue deep in your dripping pussy?
Bet you did not expect that greeting
I had decided you didn’t want me, since you didn’t do anything up to that point
10:43pm Phil
Ahhh, well guess I changed that outlook
You were the first man ever to make me cum first…
It was divine
10:44pm Phil
Excellent. As it should be. Wanted to make love to you in high school. Same girl 30 years later. Same pussy, same ass. I still wanted you.
A miracle
Nuclear chemistry!
10:45pm Phil
We should have fucked our brains out when we came back from camp
I think about that, too
10:50pm Phil
Had the opportunity, we should have been naked doing everything. Hell we both wanted to
I think about you in my bed at the parsonage…
10:51pm Phil
Me too. Would have eaten you for hours
I see us just kissing and rolling around, then bit by bit getting bolder
10:53pm Phil
Yup, I had already had your tits in my hands and mouth, already had your ass in my hands
Remember me with my fingers deep inside you on the school bus? I was licking them clean
Damn you smelled and tasted good
So many places you found to touch me… kiss me… mmmm
10:55pm Phil
Outside the cafeteria
Over by the old elementary school
I have a random memory… I think it was after a dance, we were under the stairs at school
you just keep going and I was thinking no, this is too much but then damn it feels so good…
10:56pm Phil
you were always so gentle, so careful, so sexy!
10:57pm Phil
Loved your smell and taste
You looked at me like I was the best thing ever… so hot
10:58pm Phil
You were.
Still taste and smell good
Still sexy
I could not believe how gorgeous you were… I was thinking… wow I get to look at him.  And then my mind when “duh… you can touch him too” and I nearly fainted
11:02pm Phil
Ha! Loved when your hand closed over my cock…finally
You were the first man I wanted to touch…
11:06pm Phil
and you made it a very good thing!
11:06pm Phil
I’m glad about that. Hot as hell
Oh man… my brain is frying… wanting… mmmf
11:09pm Phil
Like you on your knees sucking my cock, finger or two fucking my ass
Yes… I can see that… so delicious!
Licking you…
11:10pm Phil
massaging your balls
putting my fingers inside me to get them wet
11:11pm Phil
Oh yeah
sucking on you
slurp slurp
11:11pm Phil
Um I like that, use those juices in my ass
get you revved up then add the ass play at the same tempo
11:11pm Phil
Put a little of you inside me
Oh hell yeah
find that spot inside you…
suck you really deep
watch your hips roll
11:16pm Phil
Oh fuck, love fingers in my ass
I want to try so many things… watch what they do to you
make my hands and mouth perfect
11:18pm Phil
Mmmmm, would love it
You would’ve loved this restaurant tonight… so many beers, good American food
11:22pm Phil
My kind of place!
John Harvard’s Brew House
and my sister paid. 
11:22pm Phil
Sounds awesome!
Even better!
nice long tablecloths…
was thinking of you sitting there and me playing with you under the table
11:23pm Phil
Oh, I’d love that!
Love it in public
There was a nice handicapped bathroom
was thinking of finishing you in there…
11:24pm Phil
grabbing your ass… pulling you into my mouth… mmmm
11:26pm Phil
Oh yeah, swallow my cock, take it deep
Let me fuck that hot mouth
Yes please… want to taste you.
You going to sleep?  Been up forever!
I’ll tuck you in and say good night, kid.  Sweet dreams.
Cum for me…
11:43pm Phil
Would love to cum for you, falling asleep.
Long day
Sleep now…
I’ll watch over you.  xxoo
11:44pm Phil


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