More than old friends

Year 3 Week 20
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
7:32am Phil
Good morning lovely lady. I hope your day is marvelous.  I’m cooking for the office My turkey pot luck. Looking forward to that.  It’s always fun. Have a great day Sass!
Good morning!  Mmm… food!  That sounds so good!  
Have a great Wednesday, kid!
8:20am Phil
How was your phone date last night? I’m a good cook!
It was hot!  But not like us…sigh.  But he is not into meeting, just want to talk. Sigh.  I have enough people to talk to – desperate to TOUCH!
I wish you could cook for me. 
8:39am Phil
I just cook the old-fashioned way!  
What makes it hot is that we know each other, have met, have touched, have done most of what we talk about and we have very genuine and real feelings for each other.
Oh, I do long for regular old-fashioned turkey!  Hmmm…. you do know how to tantalize me in so many ways!
I agree with all you said… you are such a poet these days!  There is more… chemistry, magic, that “click” when it’s “right.”  We were hot from the first moment you wrote – went from polite strangers to explosive so fast!  I don’t expect that, but it would be nice if someone wasn’t… completely odd.   I suppose being on a “married but looking” site makes it likely.  A pal said I have to expect them to be “too” something.  Too old, too young, too short, too bald, too kinky. Ah, well.  I enjoy their attention and stories, and won’t expect much more.  It falls into the “better than nothing” pile.  Maybe I will get lucky!
12:21pm Phil
Ah well.  We were hot way back when and that just never really changed.  I was never married but looking.  Not my style.  The Beach Gal just kind of happened.  Neither of us was looking for anything. I always knew I did not have a very passionate marriage. When you hold off on sex until it’s less unbearable to do it than to listen to the bitching, you got a problem.  I do know there are a lot of strange people out there, not particularly nice people and complete douche bags. I think I’m pretty normal.   I had the good fortune of meeting someone just because we were neighbors who just rocked my world.  Pretty cool.  Just be you Sass.  That should be good enough!
It is rather stunning how our chemistry keeps on boiling!  I so wish Hubby wanted me… I’d be a faithful married lady.  *sigh  All the online stuff is not me.  Thought it might lead me where I belong.  Had to try.  I am giving up.  I’ve stopped searching.  Will answer if they write but feel done with that too.  Will stay with chat, help people there.  Go back to memories and stop thinking about being with anyone new.
3:37pm Phil
Don’t give up girl.  There are lots of great people out there, just not on line.  I think you have so much to offer.  I would have stayed married forever always wondering why I was sad. No one ever called me handsome, no one ever called me darling, no one ever did any of the things I longed for and wanted so badly until.  Once I realized what that was like, I was done.  No one is perfect, we all have issues, it’s a matter of what you can accept and what you cant. 
I need this.  I need some happiness, some tenderness.  I don’t want to shop endlessly.  I want to go Lincoln’s Birthplace. I want to explore history, I want to do a pub crawl of some of the great American pubs, I want to go do the classic things there are to do.  I want to go camping on the beach and fuck my brains out in the surf, I want to go camping in the woods and fuck my brains out by the fire.   You see a theme starting here? I want to tour the great parks out west, ride cross-country on a motorcycle, drive my jeep and have my baby flash the occasional trucker and both of us explode laughing. I want to live in a home that reflects my taste and style, that feels like my place.
Don’t settle sweetie, life is too short for that. Lose some weight, get a sassy haircut, join a gym.  Whatever it takes.  I am well on my way to my high school size.  I am going to be tall and lean and healthy. I’m rock solid and muscular at the moment but I want to be leaner so that’s what I am working towards. You can do any of this. Get off the friggin internet and walk, go have a glass of wine in one of those great little bars.  You will meet much more interesting people. Fuck memories.  Well, in our case, we did and I’m thrilled that we did. I enjoyed every second. It was romantic, it was smoking hot and it’s a highlight of my life. Make new memories.  That’s what I plan to do.  I have wonderful memories and I will cherish them but I want to make new and different memories.  Go for it!
5:42pm Phil
Another paunchy old guy 
[photo of him naked from the hips up]
7:55pm Phil
Enjoy your evening Sass.  🙂
Thanks, skinny kid.
8:19pm Phil
I want to put my hands on those hips creases…
8:28pm Phil
Ha ha, I’m getting there
I keep trying to tilt that mirror down just a bit!
8:29pm Phil
I’m such a tease
I like what I can see!
8:32pm Phil
Glad! Don’t want to be one of those nasty guys
No man titties for me
Heading to the beach after New Years!
I have enough tits for both of us.
8:37pm Phil
You do! Still remember opening that pic at the gym, with the spotter looking on. 
You rascal.
So do you get to see The Beach Gal?
8:38pm Phil
That was funny
Oh yeah, 4 days
OMG!  Awesome!
8:39pm Phil
I can’t even tell you
When did you see her last?
8:39pm Phil
8:40pm Phil
I’m so excited
No lobsta. We like Chinese take out, extra spicy
8:44pm Phil
Got a great little place around the corner
Good Mexican place on the other corner, great margaritas
House is a mile off the beach
Oh, that sounds so perfect for you.
10:28pm Phil
It is. Got a great garage to turn into a bar, room for a hot tub. Small but perfect and the mortgage is affordable. Nice gardens, room for a nice patio
Feels like home to me. And it’s full of our stuff, things we both loved and bought together
Can your favorite dog go with you?
10:53pm Phil
No, can’t separate them. I love him but he loves my wife and his buddies. They belong together
Oh dear…But he waits for you!  Ah, well…
10:54pm Phil
He will be loved. My wife adores those dogs. Her babies.
Okay.  Sorry to ask that… should know better.
10:54pm Phil
I know, he would be miserable without the others.  I’d never take him from them
The Beach Gal have pups?
10:55pm Phil
Yes, one. He’s gorgeous, my running buddy
10:56pm Phil
He’s a good boy too and I’m his daddy
Sort of
We got him as a pup
10:57pm Phil
Yeah, he’s a horse, he needs a friend
I just throw his big ass around
I bet.  I can see you wrestling around with him.
11:00pm Phil
Looking forward to waking up to the smell of coffee, a loving kiss and good morning baby
So envious
11:03pm Phil
She treats me like a king. I should have married her four years ago instead of fucking around all this time. We would not have happened though and I wouldn’t trade that. I was not ready then, I am now
So glad you are getting a second chance!
11:06pm Phil
I loved making love to you, it was sexy and hot and unbelievably great. I would not trade it for anything. I loved DC and Boston. I had such a good time and we have had cool adventures since
Me too babe
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did
11:16pm Phil
You gave me this chance. I would not have gotten there without you
Your advise was spot on
That’s what old friends are for. 
11:33pm Phil
We are much more than old friends Sass. Much more.  I have lots of old friends. An evening like we had at Legal does not just happen. Our incredible time in DC, that’s not friends. That’s much much more. It’s why you were able to help. 
Don’t think for a second I don’t know and understand what you did. I’ll be grateful forever and as I always have I’ll love you forever. Our kiss, oh lord. I made a bad call there too.  Don’t ever think I don’t love you. That’s what the waitress picked up on. Just wanted you to know. Nite Sass.

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  1. Simplicity says:

    This is sad, sweet and romantic all at the same time. I know you’re happy for him…but I want you to find happiness too. Hugs!

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