Five sexy gifs and a video

Sunday, December 16, 2012
Hiya kid!  Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday.  Football today?
3:21pm Phil
Hanging on the couch, relaxing. Enjoy your free day. My wife left to go shopping so I am having a nice afternoon. Chit chatting a bit but that’s it
3:27pm Phil
Yeah it is. Love the house to myself
Too bad I’m not there to rub your…feet
4:17pm Phil
That would be nice. A little lotion and heaven. Feels amazing.
Got a lap full of poochies
4:20pm Phil
It’s nice. Getting cold, gotta build a fire. The babies like that
Nothing better than being rubbed
Hmmm… sucked? fucked?
4:39pm Phil
That’s good too but a proper hand job can have you writhing and moaning, begging to cum, instead, you feel a finger slide into your ass, you close your eyes and gasp enjoy the feeling and then the hand starts again or is replaced by a mouth. Damn!
Oh, that does sound like fun!
4:45pm Phil
Girl kneels and rides a rabbit, you can tell when she gets off, sucks harder, strikes faster. Fucking mind blowing hot
Then she climbs on top and fucks you to a second orgasm
Sorry, did I say that out loud?
Nope.  Typed it to your secret confidante!
made her squirm in her desk chair…
4:51pm Phil
Ah good!
4:53pm Phil
Now that’s hot. I like to watch, very hot, sometimes lick her fingers, offer a tongue
Sometimes just lay back and watch, stroke my cock till she’s ready for the real thing
Love the smell of pussy and cum
4:55pm Phil
Nothing like both of you drenched in sweat, room smells like sex, you lay together panting, laughing
Then go sit on the porch naked and dry off
Nice, with the curtains open. Fun being watched. Did that once, guy had a birds eye view. When we were done, he smiled and waved
She was looking at the guy the entire time
2-minute video with light spanking and sexy fingering
5:21pm Phil
Nice till he wiped her juices on her ass.  
He should have licked that finger clean
The combo thumb in her ass and fingers inside with the slurping sound… oooof…plus spanking!
Oh man… I want to touch you. Arrgh!
5:25pm Phil
It was hot! Love the thumbing her ass
It’s strange… some days I look around and see nothing worth sending.  Today there are so many!
5:28pm Phil
5:30pm Phil
Love to slip my tongue in her ass. Hear the gasp, bury a few fingers in her and fuck that ass with my tongue
What about tapping another spot? 
5:43pm Phil
Uh huh, spank that pussy!
what about in a moving limo?  
5:47pm Phil
Done that. Had my head out the roof while being sucked, waving at people
damn… who was sucking you?!
5:48pm Phil
My tequila girl
mmmf… I think I need to go lie down.  And have someone bounce on me!
5:48pm Phil
Ha ha
Sounds wonderful
I have to pick up Hubby.  
So nice playing… not sure how I am going to stand up!
5:53pm Phil
What part got you?
All happened
Limo blowjob was hot as hell

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