Saturday, December 8, 2012

8:06am Phil
When you drive a fancy car in an area notorious for car break ins ………..  They left all the purses in the car under the seats.  Got the car back with just a broken window but walllets and all are gone.  Tough night. Hope you have a great Saturday!
Good morning!  Wow… sorry to hear about their car and stuff.  Good you could help!  Scurrying  around picking up – Mom is coming over!  A rare thing… Hope your Saturday is off to a grand start!
11:12am Phil
Enjoy the time with Mom! Have fun!
5:17pm Phil
How was ur day? Nothing from The Beach Gal today. Called and sent messages.
Hope you had fun with Mom
Mom is good.  She played with my kitties, looked at you on FB, took me to lunch.  They had the Army/Navy game on. 
5:28pm Phil
I was watching that. Glad you had fun.
Did you ever go to that game in person?
5:35pm Phil
Once in Philly at the old JFK. 35 years ago.
Why is she ignoring me again? Patience, I know
I don’t know.  This is one of the tougher things about LDRs… why doesn’t he write?  What did I say?  But I learned that it rarely has to do with anything… just gets busy or whatever.  I know it sucks, dear man.
5:49pm Phil
It does baby. It does
[photo of him in a suit and tie]
You look so handsome.  And skinny!
5:54pm Phil
Thank you Sass.
[photo of him with Santa]
Your chin is gone!  You meet the best looking Santas!
6:05pm Phil
Ha ha, working off the chin
He is awesome!
230 pounds here I come
Heart break is good for my figure
8:07pm Phil
 I’m a little tweaked now. Spin me about your Mom being really bad and then refuse to answer. Nice little party tonight. Have to go out again around midnight. I’m a little tired
Now you are messaging in the wrong window? watch out for that! 
8:11pm Phil
That was to you silly
Then the second sentence doesn’t make sense.  But it doesn’t matter… I cherish every word from you kid.
8:14pm Phil
Talking about her. She told me her Mom was in the hospital and having heart issues. Asked me to pray. Been asking about Mom all day. Just want to make sure she is ok
Oh! Sorry… I get it now. A lot of hospitals block cell phones signals. FYI
8:17pm Phil
I know. Don’t think she went to her Mom’s. Her phone rings rather than go to voicemail. Maybe but she would have said something
Called her GF. They don’t think she is there
Like her Mom. Just concerned
Sure… tough to wait, I know.
8:31pm Phil
She loves her Ma. Who doesn’t. If she went up, it was bad
8:31pm Phil 
[photo of him smiling in his office]
8:31pm Phil 
Just now
My ugly mug
Will ruin your appetite
Wish I’d been born with looks
Least I can sing
Big nose, smile wrinkles
What do ya think
All that huh. Wow, worse than I thought
You know you make me wet every time I look at you…
All I can think about is touching you.
Sucking you.
So I am not very impartial!
Why are you in your office on a Saturday night?!
8:42pm Phil
Oops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to let that out!
Can you nap until midnight?
12:53am Phil
Just helped shut down the club. Walked in and it’s pitch black kids dry humping on the dance floor. Stopped at a light look up at the student lounge and see a guy clearly fucking some ones face. Unreal
12:54am Phil
Is this against the rules?
12:56am Phil
Not that I’m against fucking some ones hot mouth but not in one of the lounges and not in the fucking window!
Against my rules

Apparently you can’t dance unless you are grinding on your partners hard dick

Ain’t happening            
I always tried to…when we danced in high school
12:58am Phil
12:58am Phil
You have a hot little mouth too
Woulda done it in the window if you’d wanted to…
1:00am Phil
I would have. Would have done it on that balcony at your condo, in the kitchen too
Good thing we didn’t have some officer to bust us up!
1:02am Phil
 Ha ha. We were not in the military!
I would dance with you…
1:06am Phil
I wish you could see me now…lying on my bed, naked, legs spread…
1:08am Phil
Doing what?
So show me  ðŸ™‚ 
Just got hard thinking about that
1:10am Phil
Hope your hands are busy between those spread legs
Thinking of your hands
One down there, one twisting my breast
1:11am Phil
Down where?
Inside my pussy where you’re cock loves to be
1:12am Phil
Two fingers buried in your pussy, thrusting, twisting, hearing the squish from your wetness
There’s my hot dirty girl. I do like fucking that tight pussy and it is tight
Like pounding you, spanking your ass, running my finger over your twitching ass hole
Mmmm…yes yes.yes
Damn that made my cunt twitch
1:18am Phil
Yeah baby, take that cock deep and hard
cunt, nice
Dirty term but so hot to hear
I want you hot, hard…burning
1:19am Phil
When I get done fucking you, want you to bury your tongue in my ass and then a finger and then a toy. Fuck me like I fucked you

I want that twitching ass hole too and the back of your throat. That was fucking amazing

I’ll fuck you with my stunt cock
1:21am Phil
Love shooting a hot load of cum down your throat
Fill you up
1:21am Phil
Ummm, stunt cock
Yes sir…9 inches of joy toy
In and out
1:22am Phil
Have to go slow with that bad boy
Slowly, lots of lube and dirty talk!
1:23am Phil
Have had fingers before but that’s a lot bigger. Happy to try though
Gonna film it so you can see it later
1:24am Phil
Not much I consider taboo. Long as both want it and it feels good
Oohhh. Never been filmed before. Interesting
You touching my cock?

1:25am Phil

Club went from packed to empty. Be happy to go home and do so
Wouldn’t need much film…but a hot minute of me fucking you…could look at it and cum again?
1:28am Phil
Oh hell yeah
And see it from my angles, going in and out
Add to the memory
I wonder if I could suck you and fuck you…in sync
1:32am Phil
Why not
Might be too much…or heaven
1:34am Phil 
[photo of his gorgeous cock]
Man, you got me squirming
1:34am Phil
Would be amazing
Squirm on that
Feed me that 
1:36am Phil
[photo of the tip of his cock with pre-cum drop]
I want you to shove your gorgeous cock down my throat
1:37am Phil
Need that, been so long since anything
Been saving myself
Damn…you’ve got me so revved up…
So tender, swollen, clit buzzing
1:42am Phil
Awesome. Rub that clit
Nipples so hard
1:43am Phil
You are making me cum!
1:46am Phil
Oh yeah, love it, cum for me baby. Cum hard!
Let me suck your swollen clit to help
1:47am Phil
Yeah baby, cum on
1:47am Soaring
1:48am Phil
Get off Sass
You remember what I look like? Thrashing, moaning
1:49am Phil
Oh yeah, entire body
I love it! Nice distraction from where my mind has been
Always happy to help, esp. If I get to explode!
Damn it’s fierce…feels like lava pouring out of me
Cum tickling down my ass
1:54am Phil
Oh I love that! 
now back to tossing and turning and asking why
Wish it was mingled with yours
1:55am Phil
 Ahh, be much more and thicker
Might have to tie you down… Have my way
1:57am Phil
I’d like that too
Bite a nipple
Ride you
I’d better go to sleep… 
Hope that gives you some nasty sassy girl thoughts…. Naked, spread for you
2:01am Phil
Nite Sass 
A hot tongue kiss good night Philip
2:03am Phil
Thank you. Back to crying in my pillow.
Awww, kid. It will work out. Sleep now.
2:10am Phil
No it won’t.
Lay it all on the floor, like a big stone… 
Pick it up later. I’ll help you carry it tomorrow
2:11am Phil
Feels like the stone is laying on my heart
I know dear man…

2:13am Phil 

Nite Sass.
2:36am Phil
Wow! “Good nite love” from guess who.

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