One Finger, Lots of Periods

From: Sassy
Sat Nov 24 10:27:54 2012
Hiya Handsome, 
You are full of pep and good ideas this morning!  Be yourself.  You can do that.  It’s safe here to be sexy and silly and smart. 
It’s delicious to think about you kneeling between my legs, exploring with your fingers and your tongue, figuring out what will make me squirm and scream and shake.  Or worshipping my chest… sucking, biting, twisting until I moan.  I fought breast cancer last year and WON!  So I am proud of “the sisters” and want them to get the attention they deserve.  Maybe grab some lube and make a tunnel between my breasts, slide and glide… getting licked when you appear at the top?  
Doggie is delightful… so deep, so powerful.  But I can’t see you or touch you much… so I want you to flip me over, pull my heels onto your shoulders and let me see your face when you are balls deep and exploding.  If you pay attention to making me cum, it will return to you 1000x in pleasure.  
Only time will tell if I can deep throat you, but with my hands and mouth…. I can send you soaring.  Take you to the edge over and over… let it build.  You think you can’t hold back for one more second, but you do.  And it gets better.  And better.  Until you lose your mind in the best possible way, your eyes roll back in your head and you can only feel the wet, hot, tight spot closing around you.  Sound like something that might interest you? 
How long have you been married?  16 years for me.
Tell me why you’re on AM?  I get nothing at home so I am looking for something.  Due to my physical starvation, the basics sound very hot to me – a long, fierce kiss, a back rub, an ear nibble… and all the sexier stuff seems wild and wonderful.  
Want to say what you do for work?  I’m an office manager at a big place. 
Do you have pets?  I have two cats.  They belong to Hubby but allow me to pet them sometimes.  
Do you have children?  Any still at home?  None here. 
Were you raised in MA?  I’m from upstate NY, came here for college and never left. 
Any fiction in your profile?  Most people do to protect themselves.  
That’s probably enough of me being nosy for today.  
I will think about seeing you.  But it is tough to believe that it can be better than your words in email or on the phone.  Tell me a story about what that might be like in private?  Where? What would happen if you were in charge?  Let me see inside your head… 
Sun Nov 25 08:22:15 2012
To: Sassy
……….Sassy………… are you?  I love your e-mails but I am a one finger typist and it takes me forever to send you a note,,,,,,,,so what do you think about exchanging cell phone #…..mine is private to only me… would be easier for me…………..I have been married for 30 yrs……….2 sons not at home…….2 cats ,…….I grew up in Ma  ,college in Ma…..I teach at a local community college…… fiction in my profile…….I am in AM to find a good friend [with benefits] that I can share part of my life with and I assume the same for you [correct me if I’m wrong]…… home sex life is zero ,so I’m looking…………………………………… to see you in private,I ‘ll find a nice spot and it may very well be the night of your life …….I’ll take charge and undress you,slowly,kissing and licking each part of your body . I will get you so wet ,it will be running down your legs…… will be teased until you can’t stand it …you will be begging and I’ll decide when and what to do  !!!!!!!!   this is getting me hot !………………..Why are you THINKING about seeing me?….let’s make it happen —-soon…..Don’t you think you can decide if you want to be with me by seeing and speaking in person ?……….any how, let me know what you’re thinking………best ……..Rob

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