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Happy Friday!  It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday, when we respond to Advizor54’s challenge to write about a photo.  Click over to his blog to see what he and other wonderful writers wrote.  My take is below.

Here’s the rules for this week:
Key Words:  (searching or seeking) and asphalt

Word Limit:  210
Forbidden words:  flippers

Extra Credit:  What kind of trees are in the background?

Bonus Words: Donate to the Red Cross fund for the Philippines hurricane relief, or to their general fund  1 word per dollar.


Another exciting day at the garage.  No one was waiting on a repair, so I told Sara at AAA that I could rescue stranded motorists.  The beastly hot day made the asphalt shimmy with waves of heat.  Please let this be an easy fix – a bit of radiator fluid, or some duct tape on a broken hose or a new battery.  
The dispatcher’s email said mile 735, so I was speeding out the farm road, searching for the silver van from the dive team.  I finally pulled in behind it near the stand of oak trees.  
My brain must be going mushy… I thought a woman was sitting on the road with binoculars.  Naked.  Hunh.  
I got out of my truck, the heat hitting me like a 2×4 in the chest.  She rose, brushed the gravel off her shapely butt and walked quickly toward me.  I admit it – I stared.  I hadn’t seen a real naked woman in months.  She looked way better than the porn I watch to take care of things!
“SO happy to see you!” she squealed, wrapping her arms around me in a hug that was amazingly strong for her lithe form.  She gave me a big kiss on the lips!  And then she kept kissing me… groping my ass!  I was pretty sure I was having heat stroke and imagining all this but I rolled with it anyway! 

2 thoughts on “FFF Donate

  1. Advizor54 says:

    If you are going to stroke out in the heat, this is the way to go. Fun take and happy FFFing!!!

  2. Measha Stone says:

    What man wouldn’t roll with a naked woman wrapping herself around him? Makes me wonder though….who was rescuing who?

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