Dance in the rain

Thursday, November 15, 2012
7:20am Phil
Thanks, just gotta weather the storm


Don’t forget to dance in the rain!  Take deep breaths.  This too shall pass.  Telling myself that too!  Say a prayer @ 2 pm your time.  I need all the good vibes I can get.
5:56pm Phil
Ok, what up? Thanks 🙂
Thanks for asking.  Got a formal “verbal warning” based on lies the evil assistant told.  Ugly.  Need a new job or tomorrow’s lottery numbers.  Sigh. Hope your day was better than mine.
7:58pm Phil
O man! Sorry to hear that. I am dealing with a similar situation. Do that dance in the rain thing 🙂
Usually I like it when our lives are parallel but right now I wish they weren’t!  I am praying really hard for better days.
8:09pm Phil
Me too

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