Speedy postscript

Being with Speedy was a meet that on first examination seemed exciting, had its moments, could have gotten better next time.  But the more I thought about it, the worse it got.

How could a guy be so different in person?  His texts and phone calls were so sexy, so attentive, full of great ideas of things we could do together and then?  Ugh.

He lied about his height so he wasn’t a little taller than me but a little shorter… which shouldn’t matter but it does.  If he had been great in other ways, I might not notice.  But that was not the case.

He didn’t like to kiss.  Everyone else has said I am THE BEST KISSER EVAH! so it can’t be me.  What’s up with no kissing?!

Then he didn’t take care of me.  Sadly, this is not rare.  It was the norm with the men I was with before Philip.  Guys – help me cum!  Really.  Just once.  And I will be so much happier with you!  And make you much happier!  More times is better, but really… you can’t manage once?  Grrrr…. if you can’t tell if it’s happened, ask me!  I will tell you!  I don’t ask for a lot… no presents, no meal, no fancy hotel… just this one thing.

Yay he was multi-orgasmic!  Boo… I got to find that out because he asked for multiple bjs.  

I never heard from him again.  *sigh  Just as well, I suppose.  
So… not a word from the first AM men I had sex with.  
Four whole words from the second one.  Bleh.  I HATE SILENCE!

I feel like not seeing anyone else.  I have a grand time talking with them and flirting and poking around in their heads, and then a lot of nerves about meeting, and awkwardness trying to please each other, and then nothing.  So as much as I want to meet them and have them touch me, it kills all the fun.  And I feel dissed.  Not the desired result!  It may have nothing to do with me – they may be pump and dump, as I hear from many women in the blog world.  I will probably meet other men, especially ones like the Professor who have talked for longer but… this is all only in the “better than nothing” realm.

Okay… enough ranting.  Maybe the next guy will be better.  Please please.  Onward and upward!  

4 thoughts on “Speedy postscript

  1. Tom says:

    Come on, boys, that’s just rude. Remember, the lady comes first, literally and metaphorically. 😛

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve followed you for some time, sorry to hear about your recent disappointments. Unfortunately for you, a lot of guys are like that under these circumstances. They wow and impress from behind the keyboard only to meet you in person and obtain what they are want and move along… Sorry, blame it on the Y chromosome.

    Anyway, best of luck and I’m wishing you a higher success rate in your future endeavors!

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