Speedy communicates!

Speedy is incredible!

I’ve never seen the likes of this man in terms of communication.  Morning, noon and twice at night!  He is so smart, so funny, so sexy, so interesting!  He has a beautiful voice and an amazing vocabulary.  Mmmm….

He texts me first thing in the morning, like… he wakes up thinking of me and has to let me know.  I roll over and see, “GM.”  Uh…what… oh!  Good Morning!  Yes it is!  My heart races and other parts of my body react because I know I’m going to hear his voice soon.

Pretty quickly after that he texts to ask if he can call.  He starts my day off right with a very sexy discussion. If he woke up with me, he’d… touch me.  Kiss me.  Make me burn.  Oh yeah.

Then around lunch time, he starts again.  Sexy texts.  Can I go somewhere so we can talk?  Not usually – the office has been so nuts this week.  But he wants to… that is so good to know.

As I leave work, he is texting again.  When can he call?  He calls when I first get home and talks and asks good questions and listens.  And he wants to call later, talk longer.  Wow!

And late at night it gets really raw… super-intense talking about what he wants to do with me, asking what I want, what I’ve done, what I want to try… I lie on my bed and squirm!  I make him so hot and hard.  Yes!

Very quickly he started talking about me taking a day off to play with him.  Oh how I want to!  I don’t know… it seems too soon.  I don’t know enough yet to know what will make it special for him.  It smells of “once and done.”  Is once better than none?  Hard to say.  The distance makes it tricky.  Not worth him driving up here for a coffee.  Lots of pressure to meet at a hotel if we’re going to drive that far.

Every day this week!  We talked more this week than I talk to most men in a lifetime!  It is such a nice break from all the crap going on in my life.  When things get rough, I think of our last conversation and look forward to the next one!

It gives me great hope that we will be dynamite together!  Boom!

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