Blonde Angel

From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy 
Subject: Blonde Angel
November 5, 2012 9:47 am

There is so much to like about this girl I don’t know where to start. I usually prefer older and more of a plain Jane or butter face, but she’s so damn cute and has such a sweet enthusiastic smile after she gets her well earned facial (well more of just on her chin, she and her fans did deserve a more of a larger load on her forehead, nose, and cheeks) I thought you’d appreciate it. She loves to play cock games too which is delightful especially when she looks right into the camera. And I could watch her walk around naked all day!
From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 7:59 PM
Subject: Re: Blonde Angel 
Hiya Stan!
I finally had a chance to watch this duo more carefully.  What an interesting couple – lots of differences that don’t matter at all in bed.  Yay!
And amazing to see someone bigger than I am!  With a smaller guy.  Goes against so many stereotypes.  
Classic red nail polish… nice. 
She has the largest nipples I’ve ever seen!  Still don’t like the hairless look on their pubes.  But I know it makes it so we can see more on her… 
It is so fun how they reach for each other and seem so into it.  
Great sound… lots of mmm… hissing… from them both!
And talking!  How he talks to her, encourages her, and how she speaks up, “Why don’t you take these off?”  to get what she wants and talks dirty… “that big prick of yours.”  Yum.  Nice how she checks on him “Feel good?” and he sasses her, “Do you hear me complaining?”  hee. 
Fun…. teasing.  Smacking. 
She has a sweet way of smiling at the camera, but it was a little too much looking at the camera and not at him… breaks the “fourth wall” though I can see how some people might like the idea that the camera and being filmed is part of the naughty nature of it.  But it pulls focus for me. 
Interesting that she had bad skin on her legs… that they didn’t cover it.  Makes it more “real people” feel. 
Very nice cock/slit rubbing.  (Twinge for me here!)
There’s the deck chair position!  That slapping sound… oh yes.
I know guys hate them and it hasn’t made it into much p0rn, but I get antsy when there’s no condom.  Have to tell myself a little story about her being on the pill and they’re monogamous and….risking a grisly death is not cool.  But I try not to let that spoil it.  
Is the lube the cue that he is fucking her ass when they doggie style?  Surprised they didn’t show that entrance or action.
Little spanks are nice. 
Interesting that she focusing completely on his shaft… never touches his ball or ass… 
Tits…lube… sliding… got to me.
And their foreheads together… staring at each other’s eyes.  
Whoa!  The camera man speaks! Never heard that before.  
The sounds of her hands sliding over him… and him helping her get it just right.  Yum.  And he told her when he was going to cum… Nice how she sucked him even after he came… get those last drops. 
The ending was a little odd… but it was better than the often “it just stops” thing.  
I would add some kissing.  Here, there and everywhere. 
Thanks, Stan, for finding one that glorifies a large woman, and shows what I have been wanting to do!  
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy 
Subject: re: Blonde Angel
Nov 8, 2012
Oh babe, you are such an amazing porn analyst! Have a few moments to leave a few comments:
Yes, I like natural pubes, love how a bush adorns a woman’s vulva.  I too noticed and actually liked the chafe marks on her inner thighs. A lot of very big women have that, it’s so private, I like kissing all over the marks. I go for stretch marks on breasts and tummies too. It’s just so natural and real.
More soon!

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