Video exchange

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck 
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 8:30 PM
Subject: Sassy videos
Hiya Stan. 
Here are some faves from my modest collection.  
The first two are not my thing but ones I think men like. 
1) Massage and more
the lesbian massage video
Since you mentioned an affection for lesbians, here’s a fun little massage video that goes wild.  Good use of oils. 
2) The black gift
She is gorgeous, the excellent slow blow, her flicking her clit, the lingerie…and her eyes on him.  I like him touching her and hearing his moans.  That’s the amazing Camille Crimson from the “Art of the Blow Job” site that you should check out if you’re not familiar.  She does amazing work over and over.  Music not too cheesy.  
3) My faves – couples being nice to each other
a. The kitchen kiss
A quick .gif to get you going… the way he grabs her ass… yum
b. the bouncing bed – the way he stares into her eyes, the pounding, the changes of position, the way he grabs her ass… yum. 
Let me know what you think!  
10/26/12 9:14 am 
Great great stuff, will have detailed comments a bit later
Thank you soooo much!
p.s. A few straggler questions while you wait: 
1. Your cup size?
2. Shave, trimmed or natural?
3. Pedis and manis?
4. Use your breasts in masturbation?
5. Where did you graduate?
10/26 /12 11:18 am 
Hey Sassy (maybe a real name soon?)
Might have to jump off and not complete this.
The black gift is great, I know her work, seen lots. Don’t prefer music but it’s kind of nice here. She’s gorgeous, love the way she’s fingering herself and the way he’s slowly fucking her mouth and how he shoots in and around her mouth rather than a facial, kind of different.
That gif is way cool, love embracing a woman’s ass like that.
The massage vid is really nice, although I prefer a less staged scenario. Still, the naked bodies, the touching & kissing and close up tongue action on the labia had me precuming.  I’ll make sure to go back and reply to your observations about the vids I sent. Man, it’s such a pleasure to have a lady friend who can do critical analysis on porn with me. What an honor and privilege.
10/27/12 8:47 am
Some comments on your comments:
1) Slow blow
Think he’s tied down?  I keep wanting him to move or touch her or say something… it takes him 4 minutes to moan!  Tell me you are a bit more interactive.  
Yeah he’s way too passive but does a good job holding the camera steady for the most part so I give him a few points! I’m way more interactive than that. When a woman is sucking me like that I freely moan and give her lots of encouragement, touch her face and hair.
2) Chubby lovy 
Very unusual to see a woman this size!  Nice!  She makes great noises.  Excellent use of the rabbit… sexy sucking and use on her chest, and of course lower down.  And the guy using it while licking and playing with her is a great element.  Have you played with toys?  
You’ve not seen many chubby girls online? There are tons of videos and sites dedicated to chubby or BBW. A lot are very hot. Have played with toys a little. One girl I met on Ashley about 5 years ago, used a 7″ dildo on me, yikes! Of course very slowly and with tons of lube. Cause me to have an involuntary orgasm while I was on my hands and knees. That was a surprise. I’ve used dildos on women and love watching women use their fingers and dildos on themselves.
He does make wonderful noises and touches her well while she is sucking on him.  Yum.  Interesting to see reverse cowgirl as the first position… definitely shows her off and the rocking motion got to me.  
That surprised me too since that position is such a vulnerable one for women, focuses only on them, riding and their tits flopping up and down in reckless abandon. You usually see it after a few other positions, after the woman is totally hot and turned on and is in a mind set to show off how she rides
What a bouncy girl!  The slapping sounds during doggie are divine.  And she rode him so well!  His attention to her clit at that point was great. 
I absolutely love slapping sounds and seeing a man’s wet balls doing the slapping on a woman’s ass. As I mentioned before, see her tits jiggle with every thrust is a joy.
The camera work made me queasy at certain points… but not enough to stop. 
Believe me, I have a hard time with 75% of the video I see.
Her sucking her tits creeps me out a little but she seems to like it a lot, so whatever. 
Interesting. I’ve never seen a woman pay such attention to her tits and that was a turn on for me. Can you suck your own tits like that?
Ok on to your video samples on Tumblr!
10/27 9:13 am
b. the bouncing bed – the way he stares into her eyes, the pounding, the changes of position, the way he grabs her ass… yum. 
You said it all for me! This guy is very intense and dominates her in his lovemaking, that is until she mounts him on top and does some dominant fucking of her own!
As you’ve already gathered, I gravitate toward the rough-around-the edge-amateur market, which itself was infiltrated by big porn companies to the point where amateur much of the time looks pro. Nevertheless, there’s some high quality HD amateur porn out there I’ll share with you:
Women masturbating is probably not your cup of tea, but check out the quality in full screen. I don’t really go for piercings, but she is very beautiful, has a wonderful hairy pussy, and is totally authentic in the way she plays and reacts. She’s being shot by another woman:

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