AM #1 Kevin's Questions

I started to hear from men!  If you missed that part, click to read that first.

Let’s call the third man “AM #1” because he was the first, and because he had the best approach I’ve ever seen!

I wrote back to him.  He stood out because his profile didn’t use the “check boxes” for what he was looking for or what he’s like.  He wrote nice paragraphs!  I had my chat buddies look at his profile to check for any danger signs and they approved.  I felt a real spark!  He had a great sense of humor, was open and smart!  And he made me laugh!  
He told me to call him “Kevin.”  Sometimes that is a real first name, sometimes a persona they’ve chosen.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I told him I wanted to stick with Sassy and he was fine with that.  
Kevin sent me six questions, explaining he’d had great success with it as a compatibility test.   They got me thinking.  It’s so hard to choose one answer, but I ran with it. 
Kevin’s Questions
1) What are you looking for from me as a potential lover? In other words, what fantasies can I help you fulfill?

2) If you were stranded on an island with a satellite radio that only got one genre of music, what would you pick?

3) What is your favorite feature on a man?

4) Pub or nightclub?

5) If you had two magic tickets to any event, concert or show in history, where would you take me?

6) What passions do you have?
Sassy’s Answers
Your questions certainly got me thinking.  Nothing like starting off a Monday with sunshine and sexual fantasies!  

1) Sassy’s Six – Equality.  Passion.  Pleasure.  Variety.  Communication.  Fun!  

If I must name one thing – I’d like to see and feel you explode on me.  I’ve never seen it… it’s always inside me somewhere!  I will help get you to that point, of course.  
I want an equal partner who will try things with me, and let me try things, then share what felt good and what didn’t and how to make it better.  I want different things on different days – sometimes slow and gentle savoring, other days… wham!  It’s been quite awhile for me, so the basics are very alluring.  But I read a lot, and look at…ahem…a certain kind of photos and videos that have given me a long list of things I want to see if they feel good.  

2) Broadway show tunes – varied, evocative of their time, and I can sing along!  

3) Shoulders. 

4) Pub on a weeknight and nightclub on a special occasion.

5) The Ed Sullivan Show the night the Beatles debuted.  

6) The demure lady is into a fabulous community project in her “spare time.”  And finding that hidden gem – a cheap, fast and good new restaurant.  

Sassy adores poking around inside a man’s head, and scours the internet to find that hot sexy photo or .gif or video to give him something to… think about, and make him look forward to being alone with her.  Have you seen the photo of the woman looking stern?  The caption reads, “I found the porn on your computer.  We should try that!”  😉  Would it weird you out if I sent you some favorites?  

I’d like to know your answers to those questions.  And three other things: 

a. How old you were when you lost your virginity?

b. Is there something about you women find surprising?

c. Your perfect meal for a special occasion

Kevin replied:
He started with, “Hooray!  Absolutely loved your message this morning. You’re a keeper – a inimitable combination of sexual excitement, energy and ability to articulate thoughts in real sentences.  I shouldn’t tell you this and keep you to myself, but that’s a one of a kind” then added his answers to the questions and answers to the questions I asked in return. 
Answers from Kevin

And if that wasn’t enough, you would take me to the first Beatles night on Ed Sullivan. If I could return the favor, I’d take you to a Beatles show at the Cavern Club in Hamburg, Germany in the early sixties before they hit the big time. Imagine the raw energy of the Beatles and the sexual charge of a night with wild Europeans in the early 1960’s!  But I’m getting ahead of myself. That was question 5. Here are my answers in our compatibility test:
1) You couldn’t have more eloquently stated what I am seeking sexually. My wife has lost all interest in sex. I haven’t. The basics are as alluring as an oasis in a desert, but so are the luxuries. Explode on you? How much fun would that be to get to the point and have you moaning for me to do it. Yum. I feel literally ready just imagining it as I type.  Photos and videos that you pick to seduce me? Please, please, please, please, please – send them:)
2) Broadway? Good choice. I love musicals – Avenue Q, Rent, Drowsy Chaperone (it’s super corny, but dang it, I love it!). But my remote island pick would have to be rock for its variety. If you were a stickler and limited me to one subgenre of rock, I’d adopt a ‘tude and pick blues instead:)
3) Smile. I melt for them. Sexy, sweet, sly. Yum. How would you describe yours?
4) Pub. Pubs are for talking. I like to chat and laugh.
5) See above.

6) Playing adult sports – volleyball, running, tennis, etc..  Also microbrews. And I’m a book nerd.
He answered my questions on another email: 
And now your final three questions:
a. How old you were when you lost your virginity?

18. First month of college after a long term high school girlfriend who thought dry humping was the bees knees.

b. Is there something about you women find surprising?

I don’t know if this counts as surprising, but I find women are way more interesting then men once you become a real adult. Women still enjoy talking about a variety of topics. Men want to talk about business and golf. At least that’s how it is in the dang suburbs. I should have stayed living in the city.

c. Your perfect meal for a special occasion

On Maui eating outside with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, eating Ono, fresh pineapple and drinking a microbrew from Kona Brwing Company while staring at the beautifully tanned smile of the woman across from me.

Hope my answers hold your interest:)


Your fantasy man,.


He is smart, funny and sexy… doesn’t go on about work or sports.  He is 49 and lives about an hour out of Boston.  I managed not to talk about Philip or my blog or whine about my weight!  You would’ve been proud of me!  
My head filled with images of smiling, touching, stealing kisses… groping!  And sometimes… MORE!
The fantasies roiled my brain and sometimes my body.

So the emails sailed back and forth Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He asked to meet Friday.  I told him not this weekend due to the project, but anytime after Saturday. I started to hope.  Could it be this easy? 

0 thoughts on “AM #1 Kevin's Questions

  1. Olivia G. says:

    It isn’t only you who is one of a kind on AM, he seems to be a real catch! A man who can write in an articulate, endearing and flirty manner, using good grammar and extensive vocabulary! Please hold on to him before someone else finds him 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Long time lurker, but first time comment..
    He seems so nice and reminds me of a certain someone. Grab him and hold him tight Sassy. You deserve all happiness.

  3. Sassy this is exciting. I am enjoying these posts enormously. You deserve happiness and adventure, not the one sided life you have become accustomed to. I wish I would have been on chat to help persuade you to take this action. It was a rather boring chat last night and I felt like an intruder. I tried to get things moving, but perhaps my infrequency hurts me because not many “know” of me. At any rate I am happy for YOU!

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