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While Philip is away, Sassy will play the twelfth round of Prowling With Kat‘s Blog Chain, an excellent exercise in posting on the same topic with a bunch of sexy bloggers.  For May we’re writing  about “My Sexual Bucket List.”  

My first thought was “What a great topic!”  I even talked to Philip about a “FuckIt List” once in the midst of an intense text fest.

There are things I want to do… oh yes!  I’ll admit it… I watch porn.  Sexy bloggers are kind to post good ones, or fine fellows send me videos and I think, “That!  I want to try that!”

But the more I thought about it, the trickier it got.

  • I don’t want to admit what I haven’t done!  I’ve written about a lot but I haven’t had a chance to try it.  I might lose my cred as a sexy blogger if everyone knew I haven’t um… well… 
  • And if something isn’t on the list, does that mean I’ve done it already or I don’t want to try it? 
  • I’m not sure what the choices are?  Can someone give me a menu?  
  • Am I supposed to number them?  Bullet them?  Prioritize?  Organize by body part? 
  • What if my list is really tame because I haven’t been with anyone in a while and I am focused on the basics? “I’d like a hug.  I’d like a backrub.”  Zzzzzz…
  • What if I tried it a long time ago and hated it but I know a lot more now and want to try it again? It would look like I’ve never done it when I have.  
  • And then there’s the whole “what I want” thing… which is still tricky for me.  It’s what I want to do WITH HIM that matters.  I’m used to working on a list with a guy, tailoring it for his wants and how they inspire me.  I’ve only talked with one man who said, “I’ve already done everything.”  Ugh.  Way to kill a conversation, dude!  
  • What will my list “say” about me?  There are so many labels out there… will people think more or less of me if I include this or that, think they know my kink when I hardly do?  
  • Can I write disclaimers?  “This list is a wish list, in no particular order, not what I want to do the first time with every guy, nor does it represent what I have or have not done, nor what I want to do every time, nor…” argh. 
  • Finally, how do I avoid all the “wannas” from men volunteering to help check items off?  Wait… that might be a good thing?  Hmmm…. 

I talked it over with another blogger (yes, we do chat in the background about these things!) who was having similar trouble.  It is even trickier for guys, who are supposed to have done it all already, especially if they’re sexy bloggers!

Whoa!  Turn all that off and write a frickin’ list!  Stick some stuff on it to keep the conversation rolling!  This is not the Treaty of Versailles!

Sassy’s Sexy Fuckit List 
   (Mine goes to 11!)

– eating lobster sushi off his tummy
– using warming lube
– applying nutella to his sexy boy bits and licking it off
– watching porn together and talking about it in MST3K style
– using toys on each other to enhance things
– him watching me masturbate and finish
– watching him masturbate and finish
– Cum on my chest
– Lots of different positions, from like the
          jughead and
– edge a guy for a long long time
– take a guy from “blowjobs?  eh.” to “OH!  That’s what all the fuss is about!”

Now I just need to get Philip to visit again!

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Many thanks to Kat, and Ryan from The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad for their work thinking up topics and pulling this together!  Be sure to read their blogs, and all the chain participants!  You’ll be glad you did.  Consider adding them to your blog roll so you won’t miss a post.  


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  1. I haven’t met a guy who thinks “blowjobs? eh”, but I guess they must be out there!

    Jugghead looks exhausting… well, not for me, but for her. Butterfly looks fun!

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