Hot & Meaty

Year 2 Week 32

Wednesday, March 21
Sorry about that. Not sure what got into me. Enjoy your day.
Ah… don’t be sorry, kid.  That was one of the best message I’ve ever gotten from you.    
Nice to know the vibes I was sending you all last evening reached their target. 
Trying not to panic about finalizing getting things done on the project front… missing pieces, graphic designer is a flake… I usually have it done a week early but allowed more volunteers this time, to get it for free… ah, well, live and learn! 
Good morning!  60 already, headed to 77?!
Have a wonderful Wednesday, sweet man.
8:51am Phil
Going to be nice here. Maybe an afternoon bike ride for lunch. Busy busy. That’s a good thing. Brain going a million miles an hour. Working too long again but goes in cycles.

Take a deep breath. The project will work just fine.

Hope you get a bike ride! I am pondering – if you lived with me, when you feel frisky, you’d find me on the computer, kiss my shoulder and whisper in my ear at midnite… and know that I would follow you to the shower for a hot romp! 
Wow… I am finding the outer limits of my post-chemo brain!  Eeep!  Proofing very rough first draft of a program.  Feel a little smart… created a google doc so three of us can toss up edits all at the same time and know what we’re all doing!  Yeah! 
Ooof… just finished the third edit!  Please let this be it!!  Hubby is out working on his project, so I am alone.  Hope you have a pleasant evening!  
7:35pm Phil
About to give it up for today. It’s hot and I am pooped and hungry. Sounds like you are having a day too. Bout time for a cold one.
I am hungry too.  About to order something… wish I could order up… something hot.
7:43pm Phil
rice and beans for me! with lots of hot sauce! Yummy
I was thinking of something more…solid.
Something meaty.  
Just signed off on the program!  4 rounds of edits in less than 12 hours.. eep!  But it is DONE.  Hallelujah!
11:47pm Phil
Good for you!
11:50pm Phil
Nite girl. All worn out.
Nite sweet man

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