St Patty's Prep

Thursday, March 15
Good morning! 36 cool and gray, have to be sunny myself! Off to work, then project meeting.  Whee!   Oh, and I’ll be hoping you have an easy Thursday!
8:32 am Phil
High 70s here. We have another week of incredible weather coming up! Another full day here. That’s Ok. Prepping for St Patty’s day. Should be fun. Be up early cutting and seasoning meat and then it’s done till mid afternoon when its time for Guinness steamed cabbage and boiled potatoes. Plenty of Irish beer and whiskey as well! Enjoy your day!
8:34 am Phil
Looks better now [He texted me a photo of his house with yard spruced up]
10:36 am
Hiya, kid. Thanks for the pic! Cool! 
9:54 pm
Home. Another fun night with very talented people! Hope you had a good evening. Sleep well, sweet man.

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