Hubby's birthday woman

Sunday, March 4
Good morning! 36 clouds and quiet.  Goal is to make Hubby’s birthday special.  He’s better lately, due to new lady friend.  Bleh.  Hope you have a nice Sunday!
2:19pm Phil
Relaxing morning, now some quiet time in the office and a little workout and then going to see a movie. Hope the birthday celebration is good.
5:11pm Phil
What the he’ll is up with the broad?
6:58pm Phil
Waiting for popcorn
7:10pm Phil
Popcorn is good
Snowing its ass off here
Movie good? 
H is w/ other woman… how did conventional me end up with this?  Ugh.  So wish you were around.

Ah well… we had a fabulous dinner.  Amazing lobster maki, seafood scallion pancake, yellowtail collar, and hong kong special yellow noodles with meats and veggies!

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