Father's Day

Sunday, June 19
8:45 am Good morning!  70 & sunny, lovely.  Happy Father’s Day!
9:20 am Oh, kid.  I wish I could explain what it does to me when you share a memory like that!  Deep emotions and a physical reaction, too.  Even more I wish I could show you… Mmmm.  But most of all it makes me want to dance with you again!  🙂
6:56 am Family day – helping them thru missing dad, and keep me from fretting about starting radiation tomorrow!  Had a 2 lb lobster with my older sister & her beau down at the Yankee Lobster Company on the harbor, now off to see Mom.  Enjoy baseball!


8:55 pm Watching you on ESPN with Mom.  Ha ha.  
11:23 pm Bed for me, have to be at MGH at 8:15 am.  Ick.  Hope you had fun.  How’s Wrigley?

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