Shoulder & Breast

Saturday, May 7
9:25 am Good morning! 59 hazy sun.  Off to MGH for follow-up heart ultrasound.  Whee.  Hope you have fun today!
9:34 am Phil: I’m gardening but betting my day will be better than yours. Good luck!
9:35 am Bare Sassy Shoulder [photo of my left shoulder]

9:37 am Have fun outdoors!
9:52 am Phil: Thank you!
10:45 am All done!  Headed out for brunch.  Yippee!
1:44 pm I’m full of Chinese dim sum and odd thoughts I will keep to myself.  Hope gardening is good!
2:06 pm Do you like thunderstorms?
2:30 pm Phil: I do!
5:52 pm Headed out for Turkish w/mom and entire family.  Pray that I survive!
6:02 pm Phil: Got my prayers, have fun
8:56 pm Home, full of lamb and okra, relatively unscathed!  Hope you’re having a nice evening. 
9:26 pm Phil:  My fat belly to distract you [photo his belly]
9:29 pm Ooh.  Thanks!  You want a back or a breast in return?  (and I’m not talking KFC!)
9:37 pm Phil: I’m fond of breasts
9:38 pm and you are NOT fat!

9:39 pm The left one, for a change  [photo of my left breast]

9:47 pm Wants to kiss your belly button…
9:50 pm and that nipple peeking out…
9:53 pm and then take off the underwear and… Definitely distracting!  THANKS!
10:27 pm Phil: My pleasure
11:14 pm  Off to bed.  Read about the storm.  🙂 Sleep well, sweet man.
11:21 pm Phil: Oh hell yeah!  Love that story!
11:21 pm Phil: More distraction [a photo of his very erect cock]
11:23 pm Oh, my…
11:23 Phil: Ha ha
11:24 pm Phil: Look what popped up!
11:25 pm I am looking, and wishing I was on my knees…
11:28 pm You are an expert distractor!
11:34 pm You might make me hate thunderstorms a little less…
[10 texts today!]

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